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1001 Space Adventures: Breadlove and Poophead – Interactive Children Show


1001 Space Adventures: Breadlove and Poophead – Interactive Children Show

Bar 50

Within A&O Edinburgh City Hostel, 50 Blackfriars Street
The Alcove: AUG 1-12, 14-25 at 10:30 (60 min) - Pay What You Can Tickets - from £5

1001 Space Adventures: Breadlove and Poophead – Interactive Children Show

🚀 Welcome to "1 Story 2 Friends: Breadlove & Poophead" where your child isn't just an audience member—they're the hero of their own interstellar adventure! This one-of-a-kind show, coming to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024, invites kids to dive into an exciting sci-fi universe, filled with fun, learning, and imagination.

What's In Store?

🌌 Interactive Sci-Fi Adventure: The journey begins with a mysterious cosmic mission, where every child plays a pivotal role. Will they save the galaxy? It's up to our young space explorers!

🎭 Magical Puppetry: Watch as our talented puppeteers bring an array of cosmic characters to life, from friendly aliens to wise space robots, creating a captivating narrative that sparks the imagination.

🎶 Enthralling Sound Effects: Our state-of-the-art sound design transports kids straight into the heart of a space saga, with sounds that echo the vastness of the universe.

🎨 Creative Painting Activities: Children can express their creativity by painting their own galaxies, planets, and alien friends, merging art with the wonder of space exploration.

💻 Programming Fun: Introducing the basics of programming in an easy and engaging way, kids will get a taste of how technology can bring their ideas to life.

"1 Story 2 Friends: Breadlove & Poophead" is more than just a show; it's an opportunity for kids to learn, create, and be part of an unforgettable journey. Perfect for children aged 4-10, this show promises a fun-filled, educational experience that they will talk about long after the curtains close.

Don't miss this unique adventure at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024. Grab your space suits and get ready for a journey to the stars!

This year we have two entry methods: Free & Unticketed or Pay What You Can
Free & Unticketed: Entry to a show is first-come, first served at the venue - just turn up and then donate to the show in the collection at the end.
Pay What You Can: For these shows you can book a ticket to guarantee entry and choose your price from the Fringe Box Office, up to 30 mins before a show. After that all remaining space is free at the venue on a first-come, first-served bases. Donations for walk-ins at the end of the show.