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Eccentrics Assemble – Guerilla Autistics Year 10


Eccentrics Assemble – Guerilla Autistics Year 10

Bar 50

Within A&O Edinburgh City Hostel, 50 Blackfriars Street
The Alcove: AUG 2-4, 6-11, 13-18, 20-25 at 13:00 (45 min) - Pay What You Can Tickets - from £5

Eccentrics Assemble – Guerilla Autistics Year 10


Part two of the ECCENTRICS UNITE SHOW OF 2023 takes us further and deeper into the world of eccentrics. WILL YOU JOIN THE BRAVE LINEAGE OF ECCENTRICS? TAKE THE ECCENTRICITY TEST WITH A FREE CARD.

What is it like to live your life outside of the constraints of society? Literally not to care what people think, or be able to relate to social groups without asserting your own agenda. Are you Eccentric - take the test?

Laugh, love and live the lives of true Outsiders as they hijack Paul Wady's body. He won't be around - Mr Quentin Crisp is running this show. Contains transformational character acting, neurodiversity, autism and positivity.

Year ten of the Guerilla Autistics show - the worlds longest running experience that makes you feel good about being Neurodiverse, Neurodivergent and just plain autistic.

Be brave. Be you.

This year we have two entry methods: Free & Unticketed or Pay What You Can
Free & Unticketed: Entry to a show is first-come, first served at the venue - just turn up and then donate to the show in the collection at the end.
Pay What You Can: For these shows you can book a ticket to guarantee entry and choose your price from the Fringe Box Office, up to 30 mins before a show. After that all remaining space is free at the venue on a first-come, first-served bases. Donations for walk-ins at the end of the show.