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Michael Kunze: Infinity Mirror


Michael Kunze: Infinity Mirror

The Three Sisters

139 Cowgate
The Wee Room: AUG 3-13, 15-22 at 11:00 (45 min) - Pay What You Can Tickets - from £2.50

Michael Kunze: Infinity Mirror

Success. Failure. Jealousy. Authenticity? Award-winning writer-performer Michael Kunze is famed actor Mitchell Coony. Join him as he revisits the roles that defined him and dishes on his scandalous career. Find out which of his ex-wives was the ex-iest, learn the tawdry secrets of Hollywood success and join him as he prepares for his toughest role yet... himself.

Michael Kunze is back following his solo Edinburgh debut “Lil Saffron: Ragu to Riches”, which received multiple 5 star reviews and following the fringe transferred to the Pleasance and the Soho Theatre in London.

Praise for previous work:

“***** Damn near-perfect hour of unbridled fun” - Ed Fringe Review

“**** Go feed yourself at this banquet of bonkers” - Musical Theatre Review

“***** A masterclass in comedic storytelling” - Ed Fringe Review

“#Ratatouille meets #Hamilton in a carb-loaded comedy seasoned with delicious puns & lashings of good-cringey rap” - Fringe Biscuit

“Michael Kunze is a comedy master” - Reviews Hub

“A riotous, enraptured crowd” - The Phoenix Remix

Winner - OffComm Award from the Offies for “Exile”

Winner - 2023 Leicester Comedy Festival - Best Music or Improv show for “Crime Scene Improvisation”

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 10, 2023    Ed Fringe Review

...Kunze shifts seamlessly from character to character, changing his voice and mannerisms as easily as he changes his costume to match. His performance shifts between that of the central figure – Hollywood actor ‘Mitch’, who is blissfully (and hilariously) unaware of his own ridiculousness – and portrayals of the myriad film roles held by Mitch over the years, which are shown as ‘clips’ throughout the show. Kunze solicits audience interaction where he needs it, either to transform an audience member into a character in Mitch’s life, or to provide a prompt for an improv film clip (on this day, a horror movie called Danger Canyon). However, his engagement with the audience is always on his own terms and for his own purposes, and all happens without Kunze breaking character or losing his flow.... Click Here For Review

August 9, 2023    Three Weeks

It’s hard to embrace your true self but Michael Kunze has embraced his as a great sketch comedian. In ‘Infinity Mirror’ he plays Mitchell Coony, a famous actor being asked to be more of his authentic self on a podcast. He discusses the roles he’s played, with highlights being Lil Sneezy, a cowboy (our improv character) and the final surprise. Compared to other sketch shows, it stands out with its iconic characters and Michael’s excellent portrayal.... Click Here For Review