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Sid Singh: Table For One


Sid Singh: Table For One

Cabaret Voltaire

36-38 Blair Street
Main Room: AUG 3-27 at 16:15 (60 min) - Pay What You Can Tickets - from £5

Sid Singh: Table For One

Comedian and Human Rights advocate Sid Singh (BBC, NBC, Comedy Central, iUmor) returns with a new hit show that has sold out all over Europe and Asia. After helping the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies win AGAIN at the Supreme Court through his comedy tours (seriously, we don't get it exactly either) Sid continues to travel all over Europe via train and couch to raise money for refugees all over the world. His new message? The power of shame and how to shame people with power! As an Indian disappointment to his parents and an alumni of a Catholic high school, Sid is an expert of failing to fit in and learned how to be ashamed correctly while also shaming those in power. And good because its been a crazy year for Sid: he almost (hopefully while you're reading this its almost) got thrown into an Indian jail, performed for the Serbian mafia, snuck into Ukraine, taped a special for Netflix, and raised more money fore refugees. He also probably failed to find a group he really belongs in. Thats why he still gets a Table for One!

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News and Reviews for this Show

September 1, 2023    Chortle

Singh’s subject matter clearly fires him up. An eagerly friendly guy, his delivery is energetic and slick. He slightly overuses some techniques with many sentences sharing the same punchy rhythm and him constantly insisting: ‘This shit is crazy,’ to convince us that it is.

He’s prone to putting the politics over the comedy, submitting to the occasional sloganeering, but his enthusiasm is infectious. Liberals are often portrayed as being po-faced, but Singh shows you can be on the side of the angels and still have a good time.... Click Here For Review

August 27, 2023    Theatre Weekly

Sid Singh: Table for One played to a sold out crowd (which is always impressive for the Free Fringe) making us chuckle from the off as he himself was corralling the crowd and ensuring everyone had a seat. “It’s just an hour of me seating people, really” he good-naturedly quips as we sense the time to begin is near.

Then we get a truly remarkable set. Living up to the promise that he’s not going to make his show a ‘fish out of water’ tale about being of Indian heritage, instead leading us amusingly around the comedy streets of his life; from family life growing up in super liberal California to having to balance his love of comedy with his fierce desire to engage in politics and law.

Halfway through Sid Singh: Table for One my brain tricked me into thinking I was watching a commissioned Netflix show, he was that slick, that sharp, that in-flow with his material (not that he wasn’t capable of tangents – he had some genius moments off piste) and that tuned in to the comedic zeitgeist that I could imagine him successfully filling much, much bigger venues.

Singh somehow has mass appeal and yet gets away with swearing like a trooper and positioning most of his material in a place that’s openly courting the disdain of anyone too right wing.

There’s a strong message here too; also perfectly pitched. You don’t feel bashed over the head with his plea for us to “do the bare minimum” to make the world a better place but you do hear it loud and clear.

Non-stop laughs from a comedian who is destined for big things. Sid Singh: Table for One is the highest quality comedy show I’ve ever seen on the Free Fringe. Click Here For Review

August 26, 2023    Distractify

Sid is a master at the craft of comedy—unlike many other shows that are just an amalgamation of jokes, Sid's show has a direct throughline that even ties into his bucket speech. He's an expert in writing jokes that call back to one another, telling a story, and sheer silliness all while being a "political comedian." The audience ate up everything Sid served at his "Table for One" and at the end, we learn that half of all payment will go to the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies. Click Here For Review

August 22, 2023    Broadway World

Sid Singh, Table For One is a hysterical and uplifting Human Rights informed-comedy, exploring the good which can be done, when embracing a multitude of collective personal skills. Singh is extremely eloquent, ethical and refined in International Politics, exploring the American Administration with astute conclusions.

Singh’s show link describes him as an ‘Award-winning lefty comedian and human rights advocate’ and we see the truth of this, as he is bright and knowledgeable, talking the audience through his formative years studying and surviving across California, New York,and his dedication to world-wide visits for tours, with his connection to his UK life beginning with his post graduate study in Oxford.

One of Singh’s strong messages is not being categorised. He is ok with being a comedian with a strong human rights ethos, working towards supporting the work in distressing immigration cases, as his life experience has given him the necessary resilience. We gather insights into his supportive family life and build up a picture of his upbringing and social network all to hilarious effect.

Singh is a natural comedian, weaving intricate tales of his mission to fight the good fight to support The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, with a mission to “champion the most challenging cases, fights for due process, and promote policies that deliver safety and justice for refugees.” Singh proves it is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible and be ridiculously entertaining all at once. Click Here For Review

August 10, 2023    Ed Fringe Review

...Singh’s delivery is masterful, giving his audience just enough time to make assumptions about what he’s going to say before he turns around and proves them wrong. His jokes are self-deprecating enough to be funny without crossing the dangerous line into pitiful self-flagellation, and his political commentary is in equal parts biting and uplifting.... Click Here For Review

August 11, 2022    The Scotsman

It should be pointed out that this hour in the Cabaret Voltaire is not just about thinking and laughing and enjoying a great show (it is all that) but that 50% of the bucket is going to the Centre for Gender and Refugee Studies, so you will be laughing and doing something good.

And you will laugh. Sid Singh has been a pretty good, smart comic for a while now, but in this show, it somehow all clicks. He owns the stage, but he is relaxed. And the hour is rammed with good stuff. He is Indian American and has enjoyed a chequered history involving homelessness, visa problems, sibling envy, law school, a degree that never was, time at Oxford and a mantra for living a life on the side of the good buys that I think we can all get behind.

The show flies by and the fairly disparate parts of Sid's hour somehow have a cohesion that you might not expect. BTW, look out for Sid's friend Jeff (quite the character) and Sid's family (also probably a show on their own) popping up to break up the political stuff. But this is a man (Sid, not Jeff) who helped defeat Trump twice in court (using money from Fringe buckets), who has stood up to the threat of jail for doing political comedy where it is no longer permitted, who knows the difference between a New York Liberal and a California Liberal, has interesting thought on non-binary pronouns and who knows his Refugee Law.

You will get Beyonce, Covid and stupid judges from Sid, and I will let him share his advice for the real way forward with you. But he is, quite possibly right. He is also very, very funny.

Kate Copstick Click Here For Review