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Ron Placone – Balding is Punk Rock


Ron Placone – Balding is Punk Rock

32 Below

32b West Nicolson Street
Little Cellar: AUG 16-27 at 16:00 (55 min) - Free & Unticketed

Ron Placone – Balding is Punk Rock

A survival guide! How cats, marriage, rock 'n' roll and pizza helped one LA-based comic manage the contemporary political scene and capitalist ruckus of the USA. Part self-reflection, part manifesto, Balding is Punk Rock shines a bright light on Ron Placone's never ending quest of trying to find his place in the world amidst an empire in decline!

Ron Placone’s never been shy about calling out the absurdity of his country. As a result, in the past 6 years he's played sold-out theaters and clubs from San Francisco to Melbourne, touring everywhere in the US and branching out internationally to Canada and Australia, making friends and, inevitably, a few enemies too. He even picked up an international TV spot for his cat, Lucy (long story).

Ron has been seen on CrossTalk, The Discovery Channel, The Jimmy Dore Show, TMZ, FreeSpeechTV, Redacted Tonight and more. His debut album, “Agnostic Holiday” is in rotation on SiriusXM. He writes the comic, Lucy & Ron. His short-film/pilot, Loner, was released in early 2023, and he is currently in production on his first feature, Left At Wall.

This year we have two entry methods: Free & Unticketed or Pay What You Can
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News and Reviews for this Show

August 26, 2023    One4Review

The title of this unbelievably free show suggests Ron is a balding Punk Rocker and the show is going to be based on Punk music but it’s not, Ron is a stand up enthusiastic American Comedian who jumps between comedy and true story events.

To begin with, Ron discussed the grave sites of Jimmy Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe and some of the strange things people do when they visit.
He discusses his thoughts on Cannabis and the time he got some from his friend but when his friends mum catches him with it, the outcome is rather humorous. He further divulges having his 1st Cannabis cookie with his mum and the consequences when his mum took a few of the cookies to work!

Ron then talks about America and how things are so different to here. When CNN sent a reporter to cover Cop 26 climate change in Glasgow, the reporter doesn’t quite arrive on time. Then there’s the time Cocaine was found in the White House, but whose was it and what was the outcome? Comparisons are then made between voting in the UK and presidential elections.

Ron moves on to language barriers and discusses the translation App Dua Lingo with some hilarious outcomes. He also discusses his love for the word ‘Knackered’ and how it’s used in Scotland, however when trying to use the same word in the USA with the assistance of Spell checker, it can somewhat have a completely different meaning with a hilarious outcome!

Ron delivers a worthy and enthusiastic performance that deserved a bigger venue, those that attended this show thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Click Here For Review

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Ron Placone – Balding is Punk Rock