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Charmian Hughes: She! Immortal Horror Queen's Guide To Life


Charmian Hughes: She! Immortal Horror Queen's Guide To Life

The Counting House

38 West Nicolson Street
The Attic: AUG 4-14, 16-28 at 18:00 (60 min) - Pay What You Can

Charmian Hughes: She! Immortal Horror Queen's Guide To Life

‘Live! Laugh! Liquidate!’ is message 8-year-old Charmian got from Hammer Horror film ‘SHE’, starring sexy Bond Girl Ursula Andress.

Today Charmian’s a grown-up stand-up, but those life tips have withstood the test of time.

With Evil Life Coach Queen 'SHE' as her guide, she now shares joys of Obsession, Jealousy, and Revenge: -

-Your first love won't forget you, however much they spend on therapy.

- Bad girls get remembered, nice girls get dismembered.

- Fame comes to those who hate.

-Big bazookas are a free pass.

And the most important tip of all ...…

-Never Let It Go! Ever!

With special guest The Colossal Squid.

'Combination of diminutive, delightful lady comic and Rider Haggard’s legendary, merciless temptress currently tops my list for Fringe' (Scotsman.)

‘A Comedy Masterclass’ (Elaine Blackmore, manager WholeLottaComedy)

‘Oh my gosh, so brilliant’ (Gary Colman Electric Mouse)

‘I heart Charmian Hughes’ (Bridget Christie)

'Brilliant Charmian!' (Arthur Smith)

‘Clown princess lit up room’ (Bridport News)

‘A joy!’ (Funny Women)

‘Funny and profound’ (NZ Stuff)

‘Best gags of night’ (Independent)

‘Charming ribaldry’ (Guardian)

‘Mad Aunt on Acid’ (New Zealand Dominion Post)

Best Comedy Nominee Buxton Festival Fringe 2021

Glastonbury Festival MC

British Comedian of The Year Finalist

Directed by Award Winning Amanda Baker

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