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Raul Kohli: Works It Out As He Goes Along (WORK IN PROGRESS)


Raul Kohli: Works It Out As He Goes Along (WORK IN PROGRESS)

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Raul Kohli: Works It Out As He Goes Along (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Raul Kohli always wanted to believe in a higher power. That seemed alien in the 90's. As unlikely as a facists belief their time would come again, or a socialists belief they'd lead the left wing again. But now Raul has begun to ponder: is there a higher power? Did dragons once fly this world? Which mad b*stard thought Cauliflower wings were a suitable replacement for chicken wings?

It's a show that examines belief from the premise that belief whether in a God, a political party, or the idea that vaccines are harmful, that all belief is essentially routed in the same thing: That's right! Whether you're a Christian, a Guardian reader or an anti-vaxxer, you're all as stupid and self righteous as whichever group you hate!

Well that was the intention, but the pandemic f*cked everything, so now he's just gonna work it out as he goes along with a mix of crowdwork, his best club set, and some new material in the middle

Star of BBC Sounds Podcast - Comic Sanskrit

'Inspiringly Intelligent' - Paul Sinha

'Poisoning the Minds of our children with Pro Immigrant claptrap' - Nigel Farage

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