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Bad Boys


Bad Boys

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Las Vegas: AUG 1-25 at 22:30 (60 min) - Free

Bad Boys


With five finalist-credits between them (So You Think You’re Funny x2, Bath New Act Third Place, Musical Comedy Awards, Max Turner Price): Jamie D’Souza is “mixed race”, “an engaging presence” -Steve Bennett, Chortle and “effortlessly funny” (London Theatre Direct)” and "hilarious “His unruffled delivery is appealing, and his set amusing - ****” - Broadway Baby. Chelsea Birkby is mentally ill “her bipolar disorder providing another avenue for comedy” -Steve Bennett, Chortle, “a surprise hit...an hilarious set peppered with cheeky adult humour” -Oxford Mail, and “One to Watch” Funny Women, “my jaw soon aching with laughter****” -Oxford Times.

Covering heavy topics with a lightness of touch and sharpness of wit, both Jamie and Chelsea have been praised for their charm and joke density AND WE HAVE A FOG MACHINE WHICH WE MAY OR MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE. Each night, one lucky audience members gets to choose who is the baddest boy- it could be Jamie, it could be Chelsea, it could even be you.

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August 22, 2019    The Mumble

Bad Boys is the most misleading title at the Fringe. For a start, they consist of a young man & young woman – Jamie D’Souza and Chelsea Birkby. Secondly, both their comedy & general demeanors are, in fact, rather good. There is a loose vote at the end to decided which of the two, plus a random punter, are the baddest boy in the room, but its rather meaningless really as a concept. Still, everyone at the Fringe needs a theme, right? So to the comedy itself. Two things contribute to coaxing the laugh-receptors of the brain into chortles, which help Bad Boys take off. The first is the time, 22.30, perfect for those about to go out on the lash, or are winding their lash up, with each demographic glaikit & glowing with life. The second is the disco-lights, his random radiancies combine with the lovely warmth both comedians project, inducing the feeling of being at an early 90s rave on some very happy drugs.

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Bad Boys