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AI Jesus – Peter Bazely with Special Guest(s)


AI Jesus – Peter Bazely with Special Guest(s)

The Three Sisters

139 Cowgate
The Wee Room: AUG 3-27 at 17:00 (60 min) - Pay What You Can Tickets - from £5

AI Jesus – Peter Bazely with Special Guest(s)

After a decade of writing jokes, Bazely is out of ideas.

Will Artificial Intelligence help write him a relatable Stand-up comedy show?

“Peter Bazely is the future of British comedy" - Sofie Hagen

In a world where artists are worried computers will take their jobs, Bazely is hoping this A.I will do just that.

‘...like a low energy Stewart Lee’ - ReviewsHub

Laconic minimalist Bazely offers up a Tarantino’esque Stand-up Comedy trip with Musical Comedy; crowd interaction and killer one-liners.

‘That was great, are you really on mushrooms?’ - Tony Law


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News and Reviews for this Show

August 26, 2023    The Scotsman

Peter Bazely is keen to lower any expectations, but this evening is playing to a packed house – albeit one of the smallest on the Fringe. You may be expecting some AI. Or Jesus. Fear not, despite being burdened by smart jokes, Peter is committed to keeping us disappointed in a way that’s oddly funny.

A subtly self-knowing misanthrope, who’s either playing a part or very good at being himself, he occasionally checks in with the audience to see if anyone fancies him. The answer is always no. But if anyone was too enthusiastic it would spoil the whole premise – something that Peter is clearly aware of as he masterfully ensures that no one, including himself, gets too enthusiastic.

As audiences for other shows traipse by outside and smile through the window -- “always happy”, Peter tells us – there are brilliant moments where the show teeters on the edge of becoming a full-scale exploration of the desire to compete in comedy, or put on “a show” at the Fringe when it used to be about just trying things out.

Needless to say, these ideas aren’t developed. That would really defeat the point, but despite this it would be a good to see him try. Although obviously not too hard. Click Here For Review