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Devin Gray: How To Get Away With Marriage


Devin Gray: How To Get Away With Marriage

The City Cafe

19 Blair Street
Nineties: AUG 1-25 at 21:55 (60 min) - Pay What You Can Tickets - from £2.50

Devin Gray: How To Get Away With Marriage

Devin Gray's debut solo show "How To Get Away With Marriage" is a plot for laughter, cryptic culture clashes, and a daring dash of... suspicion?

Devin's razor-sharp wit pierces cultural barriers in this suspiciously funny cloak-and-dagger comedy show. Expect dual (or duel) citizenship jokes that transcend borders and unveil the closet skeletons that connect us all.

Arm yourself for a humourcidal experience as Devin attempts to navigate his marriage to his German partner in crime – ‘til death do them part.

Don’t understand German? Don’t worry – neither does he!

Whether you're navigating the German language, on the hunt for love, deciphering foreign customs, or just dealing with life's lemons, this show will have you shrieking, "Been there!".

Secure your alibi and grab your ticket for "How To Get Away With Marriage": a fresh, relatable and strangely thrilling take on modern matrimony.

"Inventive, heartfelt, and hilariously funny, Devin Gray is a must watch." – Luke Toulson

"Devin Gray writes thoughtful, intelligent material about relationships for self-aware couples and comedy connoisseurs" – Trevor Lock

"Powerful and charming presence on stage. Great Jokes, delivered with panache" – Dave Thompson

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Devin Gray: How To Get Away With Marriage