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Eliott Simpson: (a)sexy and I know it


Eliott Simpson: (a)sexy and I know it

Bar 50

Within SafeStay Edinburgh Hostel, 50 Blackfriars Street
Marquee: AUG 17-25 at 11:45 (35 min) - Free

Eliott Simpson: (a)sexy and I know it

Eliott has never cared for sex. He enjoys doing people as much as he enjoys doing his taxes (not at all), yet for all his life it has lead to nothing but ridicule. But in peculiarity lies comedy, and Simpson has it in spades. With tales of gender, stakes, queerness and cakes, Simpson aims to widen your eyes to the life of an asexual man living in a hyper-sexualised world. So come along, keep on your thong, and enjoy the only show completely absent of dick jokes...okay there are some but they’re very intellectual.

- “Absurd and Accessible” (The Norwich Radical)

- "Weird as f**k" (Janey Godley)

- "Even Yoda was impressed" (The Stand Comedy Club)

- Sell-out Glasgow International Comedy Festival show 2019

- "Simpson is an instantly likeable figure ... he succeeds in finding the right balance between being both informative and hilarious" - (ArtsYork.co.uk)

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Eliott Simpson: (a)sexy and I Know It

July 24, 2019   

Eliott Simpson: (a)sexy and I Know It

Comedian Eliott Simpson brings his show (a)sexy and I Know It to the Great Yorkshire Fringe prior to a run at the Edinburgh Fringe next month. The (a) is aptly placed, as Simpson’s show centres around his asexuality, and society’s response to this oft forgotten and misunderstood minority.

Simpson is an instantly likeable figure, bounding on stage enthusiastically in an Austin Powers style violet suit and waffle bowtie, and from that moment on the audience feels relaxed in his self-deprecating yet simultaneously self-assured company. Complete with props to aid his cheesy yet well-placed one-liners (plus running commentary of how much they set him back), and PowerPoint which largely serves to project various ‘dick pics’, the laughs just keep on coming. A section on the new-found gay romance between the Babadook and Pennywise the clown is a highlight.

As with any work in progress there are a couple of jokes that fall a bit flat (I’d skip the one about the Glaswegian comic’s advice), but by this point the audience are so in tune with Simpson that it doesn’t matter. Overall, he succeeds in finding the right balance between being both informative and hilarious, personal and universal, with a fominute show that is accessible and inclusive to members of the LGBTQIA community and its allies. Worth checking out in Edinburgh – with this ace show you can have your cake and eat it too.

(a)sexy and I Know It previewed at The Basement, York on the 23rd July 2019 as part of the Great Yorkshire Fringe. Keep up with Eliott and his gigs calendar here. Click Here For Article

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Eliott Simpson: (a)sexy and I know it