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Laughing Horse Free Festival Venue


Fringe Venue 414 - Click here for map
52 West Port (Just off of Grassmarket), Edinburgh, EH1 2LD. Phone: 0131 228 4543
Food  Wifi  Licensed
Open from 13:00 to 01:00
Strictly 18+ Only

Dragonfly Cocktail Bar was re-established in 2018 as a revival of the original spirit of the Edinburgh cocktail scene and it has been a Fringe venue for much longer, with a history of successful shows in a venue located just off of the Grassmarket. Following 'Hero's of Fringe' decision to stop producing shows, the venue has moved over to the Free Festival for the first time in 2022.

Dragonfly Cocktail Bar was re-established in 2018 as a revival of the original spirit of the Edinburgh cocktail scene; a laid-back environment where visitors can explore a carefully considered drinks list.

It is also an established Fringe venue in the heat of town, located just off of the end of the Grassmarket with easy access to all venues on Cowgate and the Royal Mile.

It is a new venue for The Free Festival in 2022, after being a venue for 'Hero's of Fringe' for several years. It's well known as a good room for audiences attracting a discerning clientele.

Performance Space: Main Room

- Stage: 2m (wide) by 1m (deep)  stage, on flat floor. Can be made larger by removing seating. There is a curtained off back stage area, where the light/sound control is also located.

- Seating: Capacity 42 people, fully seated. Rear seating is raised for good site lines to stage.

- Lighting: 2xPar Can to flood light stage.

- Sound: 4 Channel Mixer, cables for MP3 player, with 2 Mics, Cables and Mic stands. Performers own sound equipment can be added easily

- AV: There is no AV equipment in this room, but is suitable for performers to bring a projector etc.

- Storage: There is a very small area for equipment at the venues cellar for props and equipment, shared with other groups.

- Bar: There is no bar in the room, the room is accessible via a small corridow from the main bar.

- Access: The are steps to the performance space.

Photo of Dragonfly

Room in unrigged state - Photo looking from back of at stage area, which will be in front of central arch. Curtain covering central and left arch to form backstage, room entry through right arch. Door beyond arch seperatin room from main bar.

Room in unrigged state - Photo looking at audience area - will be theatre style seating on floor and in raised area. Window will be draped (rear of room).