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Brass Monkey

Laughing Horse Free Festival Venue

Brass Monkey

Fringe Venue 153 - Click here for map
14 Drummond St, Edinburgh, EH8 9TU. Phone: 0131 556 1961
Open from 11:00 to 01:00
18+ Only

The Brass monkey is a cosy bar, very centrally located just off of South Bridge, near the Festival theatre so within very quick walking distance from Cowgate, Bistro Square and the Pleasance. The performance space is a unique, cosy space with huge sofas for people to lounge on while watching shows.

The Brass monkey is a easygoing hangout, loved by festivalgoers and performers, given it's location in the absolute middle of everything, a short walk from the Royal Mile, and just about every old Town venue, in the middle of the route to the Pleasance, Cowgate, Bristo Square, Southside and North Bridge.

The performance space in a very laid back space, two giant sofas line each side of the audience where audience can sit two or even three deep (if they're friendly!) to watch the shows, with additional seats and table, plus a little standing room at the back - and the room is full of film memorabilia, being used as a cinema and music space through the year. It's a unique venue suitable for solo shows that want a very laid back atmosphere

The Performance space is located in to the side of the main bar, through a door - although on the ground floor there are a few steps so it's not wheelchair accessible.

Performance Space: The Cinema Room

- Stage: Around 1.5m Wide & 1m deep flat on the floor. No wing space or back stage. (Though outside of the room could be used as an off/back stage area)

- Seating: 28-30 seated on the giant sofas, with room for 10 more at the back a mix of chairs and standing.

- Lighting: 1xLED Par Can to flood light the stage. General white wash of the stage only

- Sound: 4 Channel Mixer, Cables for MP3 Player, 1 Mic, Cables and Mic stand. Performers own sound equipment can be added easily.

- AV: There is a projector and large screen that can be used.

- Storage: There is a very small storage area for equipment up two flights of stairs, shared between all rooms at this venue.

- Bar: There is no bar in this room.

- Accessibility: The space is on the ground floor, but there are two steps to get into the room, so not wheelchair accessible.

Brass Monkey Images:


Giant Sofas

The Bain Bar Area


View to the back of the performance space - audience sitting on giant sofas, and space a t the rear for tables and seating.