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The Place

Laughing Horse Free Festival Venue

The Place

Fringe Venue 532 - Click here for map
34-38 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3HU. Phone: 0131 556 7575
Food  Wifi  Licensed
Open from 11:00 to 23:30
All ages until 6pm, then 18+ only

The Place is located two minutes from the Stand in a perfect spot on very busy York Place in the New Town. Previously a Stand venue, the large room and courtyard provides a great space and surrounding area for Fringe shows and audiences, close to several new town venues and our other venues at Picardy Place, Newsroom and The Hanover Tap.

news3.jpg (12779 bytes)The place has a history of Fringe shows being an offshoot of The Stand for several years.  2018 was the first years of Free Festival shows, and good numbers where seen throughout at this new free venue. 

The venue is close to Princes Street and George Street, and many new town venues including The Stand venues, Hanover Tap, Newsroom, Picardy Place - along with the end of the Tram line.

The main bar is fresh, stylish and modern bar, situated on the ground floor of the venue as part of a boutique hotel, which serves food, including main meals and snacks, along with a full range of beers, wines and spirits. Outside there is a covered courtyard bar, perfect for relaxing between Fringe shows, with the performance space located to the rear of this.

Performance Space: Upstairs


Stage - 4m (wide) by 1.5m (deep) on the flat. 

Seating - Capacity is 60-70

Lighting - 2xLED PAR spot lights, lighting desk colour change/washes to flood light the stage or programme.

Sound - The room is supplied with a 4 channel mixer (2xJack, 2xPhono Inputs) There is an MP3 Player connection, 2xMicrophones and 2xMic stands. Any additional sound equipment can be supplied by performing companies and stored at the venue.

Audio Visual - There is a moveable large screen TV available, and also the room is ideal for projectors if you wish to bring one.

Storage - There is a very small area in the venue for props and equipment, shared with other groups.

Bar - There is no bar in the room

The Place Images:

The Courtyard Bar, Outside the Performance space
news1.jpg (7860 bytes)
The Room, not Rigged - during the Fringe include black drapes on the wall and covered windows. The stage is at the far end with TV screen, and seats through the room theatre style. It's a rectangle, so great sight lines.