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Ghillie Dhu

Ghillie Dhu (Fringe Venue 410)

2 Rutland St. Phone: 0131 222 9930

 Bar Food AirCon All ages until 6pm, then 18+ Only

Ghillie Dhu is a traditional Scottish pub and live entertainment venue serving the finest local produce, ales and premium spirits. Above the bar is the Auditorium, a large Fringe venue with a mixture of free and paid shows during the Festival. Located at the end of Princes Street, the venue is at the heat of Edinburgh's West End....

Ghillie Dhu is located at the west end of Princes Street, and is a large venue used through the year for shows, events, weddings, Ceilidhs and parties.

It is our largest venue now, and the floor space is suitable for Dance shows and Ceilidhs as well as using it as a traditional theatre or cabaret space.

The room is very versatile and we welcome enquires for free and paid shows, and also from other promoters that can use this large and untie space. We're looking for event programming as well as runs of shows that can fill a large hall.

The ceiling is high, and is decorated to a high standard with lighting, chandeliers and fabrics. It is an fantastically good looking space, housed above a traditional Scottish bar, that also has outdoor seating.

 Performance Space: The Auditorium

 - 4m (wide) by 3m (deep), with extension of a thrust section measuring 2m (wide) by 1m (deep). The flat floor can also be used for the performance.

 - Capacity is 250 seated, plus standing room for 50-100 more. The side sections can be curtained off, leaving the middle section with a capacity of 150. 

 - 4xPar Cans to Light the stage, plus other lighting on bar on over stage arch, and mirror ball.

 - The room is supplied with an 8 channel mixer. The room has connection for an MP3 player, 2xMicrophones and 2xMic stands. Any additional sound equipment can be supplied by performing companies and stored at the venue.

 There is a projector and screen that can be used. Sight lines are good in this space for video etc. 

 - There is a very small area for equipment at the venue for props and equipment, shared with other groups.

 - There is a bar in the room that can be open or closed during performances.


 Ghillie Dhu Images:

Room is in an unrigged state

Looking from stage to back of room, room not set for shows

Looking from back of room to stage area, curtain closed across stage.

Long and small table layout - curtains at stage front can close, mirror can be curtained off.

Stage area at far end - Purple curtains can close to make centre area smaller capacity, large tables there for wedding set-up and are removed for either smaller tables, or theatre style seating. Lighting fixed to arch above stage.