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SouthPour (Fringe Venue 268)

1 – 5 Newington Road. Phone: 0131 650 1100

 Accessible Bar Food WiFi AirCon 18+ Only

SouthPour is a neighborhood local, serving fresh food, craft drinks and a good dose of local acoustic talent, join us for some of Edinburgh’s finest musician’s sets...

The Joker & The Thief is a new venue that is located near the East-end hub of free venues, with a refurbished traditional bar serving a full range of food and drinks. This is a single room venue, with anyone not coming for shows able to be turned away at the door during the times shows take place in the afternoon, and with an open access policy for music and bands later in the evening. 

The Performance space is a cosy room, on the ground floor so with disabled access. There is no backstage or wing space. 

All photos here are of the room in an unrigged state, the room will be filly rigged and set for shows in August.


Performance Space: The Main Bar

Stage -

Roughly 2m Wide & 2 m deep flat on floor. No Backstage or wing space.


 - Capacity 50 seated, with room for some more standing.


 - 1xPar Can to flood light the stage.

Sound -

4 Channel Mixer, Cables for MP3 Player, 2 Mics, Cables and Mic stands. Performers own sound equipment can be added easily.

Audio Visual -

 There is no AV at this venue, but the room us suitable to add a projector/screen if you wish to bring one.

Storage -

There is a very small shared area for equipment.

Bar -

There is a bar in the room that can be opened or closed during performances. and will be open as people come in and out between shows.

The Joker & The Thief (in an unrigged state):

Looking at the stage area - in front of the right window. Seats will be moved into cabaret style seating, with drapes in front of the windows, PA, lighting etc.

A closer look at the stage area, which will be in front of the right window