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Dropkick Murphys

Laughing Horse Free Festival Venue

Dropkick Murphys

Fringe Venue 289 - Click here for map
7 Merchant St (Off Candlemaker Row), Edinburgh, EH1 2QD ‎. Phone: 0131 225 2002
  Licensed  Air Conditioned
Open from 12:00 to 05:00
18+ only

Benefitting from a central Location, just off of the Cowgate, and also with a dedicated venue promotion team Dropkick’s is a large venue open through the year as a nightclub, and we will have shows in the space from lunchtime to early evening,

Located just off of the Cowgate, and under George IV Bridge, Dropkick Murphy's is right in the centre of Edinburgh and close to Espionage, The Free Sisters and the Underbelly.

The venue has a two large areas off of a bar, in an L-Shape, and one of the areas is used for fringe shows from lunch time to early evening, before the night club opens.

An Irish bar and club, the venue is traditionally decorated, and benefits from an enthusiastic management and staff team, that also help to promote shows and direct people into the venue.

The bar is only open for show audiences during the day.

Performance Space: Main Room

- Stage: 3m (wide) x 2m (deep) on ground level, or 4m (wide) by 3m (deep) on stage with low wall in front. No Wing space or back stage.

- Seating: Capacity 120 people, in rows on seats, tables, and in fixed seating around tables. 

- Lighting: Four fixed spotlights to flood the stage.

- Sound: 4 Channel Mixer, Cable for MP3 player, 2 Mics, Cables and Mic stands. Performers own sound equipment can be added easily

- AV: There is a large projector Screen in this room.

- Storage: There is a very small storage room for equipment at the venues cellar for props and equipment, shared with other groups

- Bar: There is a bar in the room, that is open during the show.

- Access: The performance space is located up a short flight of stairs so is not wheelchair accessible. 

- Notes: The performance space is separated from a general drinking area by a curtain, the back are of the bar in the room is in operation to serve people.

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