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The Newsroom

The Newsroom (Fringe Venue 93)

5 - 11 Leith Street. Phone: 0131 557 5830

 Bar Food WiFi AirCon 18+ only

Located on Leith Street, right on the junction with Princes Street and North Bridge, the Newsroom right in the centre of town - a few minutes from the Royal Mile, and close to The Stand, The Waverley Station and the Mound. The shows take place in a stylish basement bar, and is open all day upstairs for drinks, and a wide selection of meals...

nr1.jpg (97472 bytes)The Newsroom has an attractive and spacious main bar, which is constantly kept up to date, along with the performance space downstairs. The venue is open all day from 9am serving breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as a full selections of beers, wines, spirits, cocktails, teas and coffees.

It is just off of the end of Princes Street, and close to Waverley Station, St Andrews Square Venues, The Stand and The Phoenix - Leith Street is a main thoroughfare coming into town from Leith, and the bar is well positioned to get local trade, tourists and Fringegoers. .

The performance space is in the basement of the venue, and is accessible from the main bar It is low ceilinged and atmospheric, and an ideal space for performance.

nrplan.jpg (51724 bytes)Performance Space: The Basement

 - 5m (wide) by 4m (deep) corner stage, semi circular. raised to 6 inches. No wing space or backstage.

 - Capacity is 60 seated, plus standing room for 20. 

 - 1xFixed par Can to Flood light the stage. Additional Lighting can be supplied by companies and fixed as required.

 - The room is supplied with a 4 channel mixer (2xJack, 2xPhono Inputs) There is an MP3 Player connection, 2xMicrophones and 2xMic stands. Any additional sound equipment can be supplied by performing companies and stored at the venue.

 There is no other AV equipment, but this can be added by performers. Sight lines are difficult for presentations in this room with the post in the middle of the room splitting the Audience.

 - There is a small area for storage at the venue for props and equipment, shared with other groups.

 - The bar in the room is closed during performances.

Newsroom Images:

Onstage, looking at the Audience

Looking at the Stage

news1.jpg (7860 bytes) news3.jpg (12779 bytes) Onstage at the Newsroom Onstage at the Newsroom news2.jpg (10657 bytes) news4.jpg (9573 bytes) Onstage at the Newsroom Onstage at the Newsroom nr1.jpg (97472 bytes)