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The Granary

The Granary (Fringe Venue 270)

32-34 The Shore. Phone: 0845 166 6005

 Bar AirCon All Ages until 6pm

Established in 2006, The Granary proudly serves hearty food in a comfortable homely setting. Enjoy a memorable dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. Sitting on the front of Leith Shore, we are proud to serve a variety of produce to suit everyone from our rooftop burger to our famous fish and chips. Our bar also boasts a wide range of co...

hive5.jpg (27185 bytes)The Hive is part of the Free Festival, but is programmed separately by Bob Slayer as part of his "Heroes of the Fringe" (previously know as the 'Alternative Fringe in 2012') - for shows to appear at the Hive, you as well as applying through this site or the 'Heroes of the Fringe' website, you also need to discuss your show proposal with Bob. You can email him on akabobs@gmail.com - do feel free to apply to the Hive alongside other Free Festivals on this site if you are looking at several venues.  

Programmed with comedy and cabaret, with two rooms that both have a large seating capacity, yet feel intimate. The rooms are very similar to those found in the Underbelly, with arched ceilings - dark, atmospheric and cave-like.

Performance Space: The Big Cave

The Big Cave is the main performance space of the venue, with an arched ceiling, and perfect sightlines.

Stage - 

5m x 3m raised Stage, 0.5m high. With small  backstage area accessible from outside the room, and entrances from the audience areas too. Arched ceiling.

Seating - 

Capacity is 120 fully seated in rows, plus capacity for 30 people to stand at the back and sides of the room.

Lighting - 

Lighting rig comprising of 12xPar Cans, 8xMultiple pin spots and multi-lighting controller. Providing stage flood lighting, colour washes, plus disco lighting effects, all controllable from the sound/light control position at the back of the room

Sound - 

The room is supplied with an 30 channel mixer (multi XLR, Jack, Phono Inputs). The room has 2xCD Players, 2xMicrophones, and 2xmic stand plus MP3 player and computer imputes, with full multi-core to stage. Additional Sound equipment can easily be added to the sound booth. 

Audio Visual -

 There is a large screen to the back of the stage. There is no projector but this can be supplied and fitted to a cradle on the rigging.

Storage - 

There is a very small shared storage area at the venue for props and equipment

Bar - 

There is no bar in the room. Both this room and Room 2 are both located off of the Main Bar.

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Performance Space: The Bunka

Located at the rear of the venue, The Small Cave is smaller than the main Room, the big Cave - with a flat-on-floor stage, and low arched ceiling.

 - A flexible stage area, with size dependent on seating layout, an be up to 4m (wide) and 5m (deep).

 - Seating capacity is 80, with additional space for standing, giving a capacity of 100.

 - Fixed Spotlights to Flood light the stage.

 - The room is supplied with a 6 channel mixer, and has 2xCD Players, 2xMicrophones and 2xMic stands. Any additional sound equipment can be supplied by performing companies and stored at the venue.

Audio Visual -

 No AV equipment is available, but the room is ideally set-up for use with screens and projectors supplied by the performance group.

Storage - 

There is a small  storage area at the venue for props and equipment

Bar - 

There is no bar in the room. Both this room and Room 2 are both located off of the Main Bar.

Hive Images:

hive1.jpg (10522 bytes) ch3.jpg (43855 bytes) Performer in the Big Cave The Big Cave

hive2.jpg (17025 bytes) ch4.jpg (44660 bytes) The Venue Map The Big Cave - looking at back of room hive3.jpg (12981 bytes) r2-atstage.jpg (82191 bytes) Using the projector in the Big Cave The little Cave - Looking at stage hive4.jpg (11820 bytes) room2-fromstage.jpg (87371 bytes) Show in the Big Cave The little Cave - looking from stage (sound booth on Right) hive6.jpg (14939 bytes) mainbar.jpg (75734 bytes) Magic in the Big Cave Main Bar