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Suicide Bummer


Suicide Bummer

West Port Oracle

27 West Port (Off End of Grassmarket)
Flight Club: AUG 23-27 at 13:15 (60 min) - Pay What You Can

Suicide Bummer

When a Queer, British, South Asian, sex worker is under pressure to marry his cousin. Should he go through with an arranged marriage to appease his family? Compelling, witty, and above all else, unpredictable!

The subject matter is dangerously radical by its very nature - “You have to be suicidal to talk openly about being gay and Muslim; when you add sex work to the mix, it becomes explosive!”

Suicide Bummer exists between a rock and a hard place, remaining optimistic throughout, and surviving with tenacious wit. “When the only options are to marry your cousin or learn to do your own ironing, that’s enough to turn a gay man straight!” This is an earnest and vulnerable tale that is undeniably captivating, with some shocking twists that exist within the conflicting themes.

Suicide Bummer is no stranger to performing in unconventional costumes, he’s rooted in East London’s avant-garde drag scene. Revered by the late Adam Brace, Associate Director at Soho Theatre, who described him as “genuinely funny and compelling.”

An unapologetic celebration of working-class queerness with high camp. Get your Pay What You Can tickets and take a flight with Suicide Bummer on board a replica aircraft, before he blows up!

This year we have two entry methods: Free & Unticketed or Pay What You Can
Free & Unticketed: Entry to a show is first-come, first served at the venue - just turn up and then donate to the show in the collection at the end.
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