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Andrew Silverwood: Alive on Stage in a Dead Man's Shirt


Andrew Silverwood: Alive on Stage in a Dead Man's Shirt

The Three Sisters

139 Cowgate
Maggie's Front Room : AUG 1-2, 5-25 at 19:45 (60 min) - Pay What You Can

Andrew Silverwood: Alive on Stage in a Dead Man's Shirt

Hiya Babes! It's me, Andrew, writing in the first person... I wasn't going to do a new show this year. Honestly, wasn't. Then I ended up going to 3 funerals and a wedding and my ex-girlfriend married another stand-up comedian who looks a bit like me but is not me and life just kept getting weirder. Now I have to talk about it.

So let's explore a theory I have about JK Rowling, something I ate in an Amsterdam museum and the reason I got asked to leave Ann Summers together.

I'm going to go stand on stage for about an hour, in a dead man's shirt (don't worry, he don't want it back).

This year we have two entry methods: Free & Unticketed or Pay What You Can
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News and Reviews for this Show

January 31, 2024    Fringefeed

With his new show, Andrew Silverwood manages to brighten up the crowd and give them a show to remember. Having already braved the likes of Edinburgh and Adelaide he brings ‘Alive On Stage in A Dead Man’s Shirt’ to Perth.

In the intimate venue that is the Pleasure Garden’s The Little Palais, his fast-paced comedy lit up the room. He brings a distinctive London charm to Perth but is well-versed in Aussie culture enough to entertain everyone from the start.

I won’t spoil the bait and switch that he uses to open the show, but it truly sets the tone for his eclectic comedy. He takes on all manners of subjects from conspiracies to coat hangers, to create a fast-paced show that will keep you guessing as you laugh. Visit to hear his thoughts and to find out what wee Scottish grannies really think of the arts. On this particular night, he even had a support which added an extra layer to the show and he also peppers in just enough crowd work to make the show feel fresh without distracting from his act.

The highlight of the show has to be his conspiracy theories which begin with Harry Potter and continue until you feel he has dismantled the world just a little bit. On this note, he is actually too funny to need to use as many props as he does but they do provide a good backdrop. In particular, the conspiracy theory board is an effective way to track the wildly ranging subjects of the show as he hits all his points with style.

If nothing else, the show might just make you reevaluate your relationship with vintage clothes and the dead old people you got them from and provide some laughs along the way.
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