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Stealth Aspies – Aspies Anonymous


Stealth Aspies – Aspies Anonymous

Finnegan's Wake

9b Victoria Street
The Back Room: AUG 4-9 at 12:00 (60 min) - Free

Stealth Aspies – Aspies Anonymous

The now Arts Council recognised and funded Stealth Aspies Theatre Company returns to tell the stories of our kind yet again. Not pity porn, definitely moving and containing a large degree of fun.

News and Reviews for this Show

August 11, 2019    Broadway Baby

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a beacon of individuality for our time: it presents a platform for anybody with the desire to express themselves and whatever makes them individuals. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, perceived or actual disability, and any facet of humankind that makes you part of an in-group, this city and its festival will let you do you. It is perhaps surprising then, that amidst the ocean of niche markets, there are relatively few shows addressing the autistic spectrum – a social ‘disorder’ that affects about 1 in 60 (although it has been suggested that almost everyone displays tendencies that place us somewhere on the spectrum). Enter Paul Wady, Champion of the Autistics, on a mission to educate the world on how autism should not be classified as a disorder, and that those of us who display autistic attributes should embrace them as a positive part of our identities.

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August 3, 2019    The Wee Review

Neurodiverse performers offer insight into their daily struggles

Most of us are neurotypical. The most commonly accepted estimate in the UK suggests that one in a hundred people are autistic or as many prefer to be known, neurodiverse. Asperger syndrome is a form of autism. The Stealth Aspies are Britain’s first entirely autistic theatre company. And based on this show alone, the world is a far better place for having this theatre company in it.

Most neurotypical people have some sort of perception of autism that may be shaped by someone you know or someone you’ve met. But one of the defining characteristics of autism is that the things one autistic person could struggle with may be completely different to the things another autistic person may struggle with. This show gives an outstanding insight into some of these things. And while that descriptor sounds dully didactic, this show is also smart, exceedingly funny, poignant and breathtakingly creative.

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