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Everyone Dropped Out of My Sketch Troupe


Everyone Dropped Out of My Sketch Troupe

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Nineties: AUG 1-13 at 14:25 (60 min) - Free

Everyone Dropped Out of My Sketch Troupe

An Accidental One Woman Show!

Standing in the wreckage of a five piece sketch troupe, one stressed out comedian is determined to keep going. She'll show you how the show should have gone through sketch, stand-up and characters and explain where it all went tits up (also the original name of the sketch troupe).

Was it when Brid decided to become a nun? Or when Lucy got arrested? Maybe they should have stopped it all when Rhiannon got them barred from Sheffield's city limits. What matters is that Mary is still going and still determined to do the five person Poirot sketch. Watch her as she fails, tries, fails again and then maybe fails some more.

'remarkably accomplished...witty, clever, full of ideas' CultureHub magazine

Semi-finalist Funny Women 2016

News and Reviews for this Show

August 9, 2019   Squirrel Comedy

Ah, the danger of having to think up your show title in January. We may not get a sketch show from Mary Flanigan but we do see some solid and hilarious stand up. Mary is a Catholic from Belfast, who now resides in Birmingham.

Mary gives us just under 45 minutes of stand-up comedy gold. She talks about the joys of online dating, being Irish, being a Catholic (and all that lovely guilt), being single, her exciting job and much more. There is some swearing (of course), but this shouldn’t offend anyone and you’d be a fool to miss this show. In fact, the show was so popular that people were being turned away on day two. Click Here For Article