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Half the Man – Michael Livesley


Half the Man – Michael Livesley

The Free Sisters

139 Cowgate
Maggie's Chamber: AUG 1-25 at 20:15 (60 min) - Free

Half the Man – Michael Livesley

Michael Livesley, the man described by Stephen Fry as an ‘outrageous talent’ is half the man he was but still just as funny. In the last year he has dropped ten stones in weight and in doing so had to pick himself apart from the roots up. Losing weight is a thermodynamic process – eat less, move more – but one that is complicated by emotional baggage. Part standup, part storytelling and 100% true this is the story of one man’s attempt to beat his fears and addictions in order to accept himself and get his life back. Half the Man but twice the person.

'Bellowing, manic chutzpah' - Robin Ince

'Who?' - Michael Palin

'An extraordinary performer' - (The Independent)

'a comic tour-de-force' - (MOJO Magazine)

'Brilliant! Berserk! Simply wonderful!' - (The Guardian)

‘A comedian’ – the woman in the dole

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March 10, 2019   

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Half the Man – Michael Livesley