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Nathan Cassidy: Observational


Nathan Cassidy: Observational

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Las Vegas: AUG 17-25 at 18:45 (60 min) - Free

Nathan Cassidy: Observational

Award-winning comedian Cassidy with a new show about his crazy year. Nothing was happening, then he joined a new gym and a big, strong man would change his life forever. You couldn't make it up. Work in progress shows.

Best Show Winner (Buxton Fringe), Malcolm Hardee Award Nominee, Sir Michael Caine Award-winning writer.

‘Stormingly good’ Kate Copstick 2018

‘Smart, relentlessly laugh out loud…hilarious.’ Edinburgh Evening News Aug 2018

**** 'A great comedian' Broadway Baby

'Such a safe pair of hands... piercingly sarcastic jibes have a touch of Stewart Lee' Chortle 2017

News and Reviews for this Show

August 21, 2019    The Mumble

This is my third Nathan Cassidy Fringe review in a row. Two years ago I observed a fine play, which I loved, while last year I couldn’t mark him highly at all. I was right to do so, a chicken-hut of problems had put him off his stride & his performance levels were, he admitted, low. Life is all about ebbs & flows, so was he due a return to form? He was indeed, being presented with something far beyond my initial 2017 estimations of Nathan; something transcendent, something sorcerous. There appears in him a complete revivification of his artistic spark, & as you watch his magic carpet unwind you sense a certain eerieness, that something special is going down, but you don’t know what. Just little glances, looks, sunny puns & pauses as he casts his net of mystery all around us. The mask in front of all this is his stand-up, as good as the majority at the Fringe, & the way he pushes a turbo-boost button whenever the room flags for even half-a-moment is astonishing!

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Nathan Cassidy: Observational review

August 19, 2019    Mumble Comedy

Nathan Cassidy: Observational review

Nathan is like the ultimate anti-braggadocio, his boasts are solid, his pretensions likeable; while his tone is akin to a hammond organ played by a pro. His imagination for humour is like the fox that wanders city streets at night, searching for food where others have left it. Nathan also has the impertinent ability to tell stories in the staccato fashion; each line is told like a joke, but without a punchline – an extraordinary ability that has you hanging on every pause...

As you watch his magic carpet unwind you sense a certain eerieness, that something special is going down, but you don’t know what... something transcendent, something sorcerous. Then comes the spinejangling & euphoric Keyser Söze finale, when all will seem well in the world! Click Here For Review

An Interview with Nathan Cassidy

June 4, 2019   Mumble Comedy

An Interview with Nathan Cassidy

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Nathan Cassidy: Observational