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Dave Chawner; Mental


Dave Chawner; Mental

Cabaret Voltaire

36-38 Blair Street
Ink Bar: AUG 1-25 at 18:20 (60 min) - Free

Dave Chawner; Mental

A show about mental health (rather than mental illness). As seen on BBC, ITV and Channel 4. As heard on BBC Radio 1, Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live. ‘hilariously entertaining’ – The Mail on Sunday

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Dave Chawner: Mental

August 7, 2019   ThreeWeeks

Dave Chawner: Mental

The certifiably lovely Dave Chawner (yes, we are fans) heads back to edfringe this year with a show about mental health.

I’m always really admiring of performers who manage to approach serious issues from a comical perspective. And it’s a topic Dave has broached before in his stand-up, plus he’s written a book about his recovery from anorexia. So we’re curious to see what approach he takes in ‘Mental’.

No surprises – then – that I arranged a chat, to find out more.

CM: Okay, let’s start at the beginning: I think the title might be a bit of a clue, obviously, but can you explain what ‘Mental’ is all about?
DC: Yes, the clue is literally in the title. It’s a show about mental health, rather than mental illness. I was a guest on ‘The Today Programme’ on Radio 4 and the researcher called me and said “I’m really excited to talk to you because I don’t have any mental health”. That made me laugh. We all have mental health. One in four of us has mental illness, but four in four of us has mental health. Why do we only talk about illness rather than well-being, why do we always talk about the negative rather than the positive? I want to change that. Good mental health is amazing, it’s something everyone deserves. I wanted to use comedy as a fun, engaging and creative way to get that across

CM: What themes do you explore through the show?
DC: Emotional regulation, mental awareness, public health literacy and coping mechanisms… but don’t worry it’s not as dull, dry and boring as it sounds, I talk about Ant & Dec for a bit so it’s not all heavy!

CM: So, it’s clear you feel that comedy is useful when talking about mental health: can you explain the how and why?
DC: Comedy is the perfect tool to talk about mental health because when people are laughing they have to be listening, and when they’re listening they can learn. I want to use that in order to reach people who have experience of mental illness, so that they can realise they are not alone, but also to reach out to people who have never even thought about mental health, and to educate them in a fun and creative way.

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Dave Chawner; Mental