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Note: This is an old show being displayed, and it is not from this year's festival. This show appeared in 2016 at The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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AUG 4-21, 23-28 at 20:00 (45 min)
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Truth is relative, sure, but as far as Iím concerned Iíve got this sh*t figured out. My show is based around the premise that my opinions Ė true or not Ė are the goddamn truth. What is truth anyway? You can never be 100% certain so you might as well just find the closest thing and latch on to that sonofabitch and enjoy the ride. Thatís what I do, anyway, and Iím fine! (For the most part)

In my one-person show I explain how everyone gets most everything wrong and, conversely, how I get most everything right.†We all know that opinions are like a**holes cause everyone has one, but let me tell you, folks, my opinions, unlike a**holes, smell fantastic.

Youíll be same person after seeing my show as before but, if you paid any attention, Iím 100% sure that youíll be a little bit less full of sh*t. I'm not here to give you people the same two-bit horse sh*t advice you can get from any self-help book; I'm here to give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the goddamn truth.

So, thatís what my show will sound like. Itís me vehemently defending my strongly held opinions. There are also a few characters. Although I spend a lot of time rallying against popularly held beliefs, there are always joy and optimism driving the show. You might not agree with everything I have to say in Jeff Seal: The Goddamn Truth but youíll have fun watching me try to convince you otherwise.

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