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Foxdog Studios Ltd | View Performers Biography


Venue:The Cellar Monkey , 15 Argyle Pl Edinburgh EH9 1JJ
Phone: 0131 221 9759
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Cellar
AUG 4-28 at 23:15 (60 min)
Show Image

Surreal computer consultants push interactive technology further than anyone’s ever bothered. Join Foxdog Studios on a journey through their latest inventions: use your smartphone to draw your avatar, play games and become a part of the band.
Previous Praise
Award for innovation nominee Chortle Awards 2016
“Ridiculously good fun and mightily impressive” Timeout ****
“Go and see this f**king show” Broadway Baby *****

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News and Reviews for this Show

September 4, 2016  Fresh Fringe
5 Star Review for Foxdog Studios
You are in for such a treat: Foxdog Studios are at the Fringe!

Lloyd Henning and Peter Sutton, Uncle and Nephew, create a new world and invite, even order, the audience to explore it. In this case, this is not just metaphorically or a world present only in the minds of performers and viewers. The duo has actually programmed an interactive world to which the audience actively contributes. The show includes understated acting, original live music and video gaming with adventure appeal. The humour is dry and witty and at times quite surreal. The story telling through ought the game reminds of that in Naboo in Mighty Boosh (series 3), which is a very good thing if you are a fan of off-beat comedy.

The show is a unique and fully enjoyable experience even for those less versed in all things IT (like me) and I’ve never seen a show like this before. If this hasn’t convinced you to take up the long hike down south (10 brisk walking minutes from George Square), then maybe the promise of homemade pasties will or definitely should.

5 Stars - *****

Everyday at the Cellar Monkey at 11.15pm Click Here

August 30, 2016 The Skinny
Foxdog Studios listed as the Best Edinburgh Fringe (Comedy) 2016
"On the complete other end of the comedy spectrum, Foxdog Studios absolutely blew me away this year with a high-tech, interactive show the likes of which I have never seen anywhere before. I came out of The Cellar Monkey's basement bouncing around and desperately wanting to see it again. They picked up two Malcolm Hardee Award nominations, so clearly other people felt the same. Critical success has also come Rose Matafeo’s way, and deservedly so. This was her debut show and she managed to cram in physical and musical humour, surrealism, sneak-feminism and a good spoonful of death. She's also a couple of years younger than me, which I am completely OK with." [Jenni Ajderian] Click Here

August 30, 2016  Edinburgh Festival Magazine
Review for Foxdog Studios
Foxdog Studios is a delightfully tech-heavy mash up of comedy, musical and C++ programming. The premise is that everyone uses their phones to log onto a closed WiFi network for the show and plays along with the plot of the show live on their phones. To say it’s original barely does it justice.

Despite its genius, it’s worth addressing the key flaw inherent in the concept: as the show requires constant audience interaction, many perceived it to be about them. It was like giving the heckler the stage.

Thankfully, this means almost nothing against the backdrop of homemade technological wizardry and comedic invention that peppered a delicious hour of nonsense. The songs play like Garth Marenghi’s soundtrack and the characters reek of Vic and Bob. It could all just be an attempt by an early Mighty Boosh to travel back in time and prevent ‘Live at the Apollo’ from ever happening.

Words: Tom Crosby

Foxdog Studios, Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, Aug 23-28, 11:15pm Click Here

August 21, 2016  Shortcom
Review for Foxdog Studios
When a certain cult comedian hero has travelled outside the Fringe bubble of most centralised venues, it reaffirms the notion that Foxdog Studios on at 11:15 at the Cellar Monkey in Marchmont, are going to be something special. For a Monday night, the audience have turned up in their droves. Potentially aided by one five star review and British Comedy Guide, but there is a sense word of mouth is the cause.

So word of warning and tricky giving the time, make sure you have plenty of juice in your phone and it be best to be on the smart side. A slight faux pas on my part for going in partially blind to the show. Upon first sight, the cosy setting is decorated with cables linked to various tech devices, drum machines, monitors, projectors, think Roy and Moss’s basement in IT Crowd but cramped and more manic. The projector screen instructs the audience to connect to the Foxdog Studio’s specified WiFi connection.

Self proclaimed IT rock stars, Peter Sutton and Lloyd Henning are computer science graduates from the University of Manchester. Lloyd dawned in a hi-vis jacket and armed with a guitar, who looks on towards the crowd with a dead pan expression whilst Peter is the amiable easy talker directing the crowd. Like Lloyd, Peter’s body is covered with touch synthesisers, that later, he uses as a musical instrument like an electric keyboard that is linked to the screen that maps out his body, highlighting every touch with a visual tick. It’s impressive as it is hilarious. The wow factor has barely begun.

The purpose of using our smart phones becomes apparent when the audience are individually giving a number or letter on our phones, as we look up to the projector screen, we’re all involved in a game of survival that smacks of charm of early gaming but multi shared activity, its what they’ve called podracing. This is bloody fun and merely a warm up for the main game.

There are so many elements to enjoy and applaud the duo, particularly matching a prop that is equally as daft as it is elaborate. In particular when Peter becomes box head, a metal scrap yard merchant with a box for a head with some particular technological upgrades that are not worth spoiling.

The 8-bit RPG game directed by boxhead continues the impressive level of interactive fun and silliness, giving the individual responsibilities of certain audience members and slightly lengthy game, I did feel the high octane fun achieved begin to wane. If we consider this a comedy show alone, it won’t consistently get the big laughs and there is a sense that Peter and Lloyd can improve on their joke writing and lyrics. But as a spectacle and entertainment value, this is one of the most unique shows I have seen at the Fringe in the past 14 years, if not the most unique. A perfect blend of geeky fun, rock’n’roll and daftness, there would have to be something wrong with you to not be able to enjoy yourself. I went in with a sense Foxdog Studios could be this year’s Flight of the Conchords and I can’t argue against that after first viewing. Their talent is sickening.

★★★★ (and a half) Click Here

August 18, 2016  Festival Magazine
Review for Foxdog Studios
Surely a unique mashup of comedy, music and computer geekery, Foxdog Studios is very much in the beta stage of development. But there's a cracking, late-night event building here. IT consultants by day, Lloyd Henning and Peter Sutton have contrived a bizarre blend of audience interaction and hit-and-miss spectacle, which, despite their electronic wizardry remains a little clunky, as several longueurs exceed the point of being entertaining for crap's sake.

The initial premise of the show is that we're all new employees of a metal recycling plant owned by Mr Boxhat (Sutton, in a wonderfully disturbing helmet of cardboard and cameras affording horrific closeups of his features), which he runs with his nephew (Henning). Establishing the core inventiveness of Foxdog's comedy, everyone in the crowd can use their smartphone to connect with, create avatars and contribute to the narrative as it unfolds on screen. Meaningless tosh about smuggling toffee cream liqueur into Leeds Festival, there's nevertheless a giddy thrill in realising that, in a small way, you're dictating the show whenever your avatar is centre stage. The technology works far better than the lo-fi shambles around it might lead you to believe.

Unfortunately, once that initial delight has settled, there's a lot of simply waiting for scenes to unfold at a snail's pace, and seeing your avatar pelt pointlessly around a mostly featureless canvas. Henning and Sutton retain an endearingly dry humour about this nonsense though and mix it up with some diverting musical interludes, suggesting that they're ones to watch for the future. Click Here

August 16, 2016  The List
Nerdy feat of excellent comedy engineering
'Stop laughing at metal!' demands Mr Boxhat, proprietor of the metal recycling plant we now work in, and a man whose name is awesomely apt. The line shouldn't be especially funny but, as delivery is everything in this unhinged musical exploration of high-tech audience participation, it just kills.

Foxdog Studios are two very smart, nerdy guys who have wired themselves up as instruments to accompany our journey into a surreal virtual world where the acme of high living is sucking Dooley's – a toffee cream liqueur experience – out of clothing at Leeds Ceilidh Festival. The community feeling engendered by an audience fiddling with their own smartphones to control the story's characters is palpable. It's a huge treat for everyone, although those with phones that can't deal with their technology will feel a little frustrated after a while.

That said, this show is a feat of comedy engineering, especially Mr Duckhat, an inspired, unnerving creation, and the pair have even remembered to cater to the section in the room that has a poor stage sightline. This is the free festival done right, with incentives for generous bucket donations, and is well worth the late-night trip south of the Meadows.

Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, until 28 Aug, 11.15pm, free.
 Click Here

August 10, 2016  The Skinny
Foxdog Studios present a show of technical finesse and bizarre storytelling with an audience interaction element like no other

Foxdog Studios’ technological wizardry is matched only by their baffling modesty. This is a show in the basement of a pub, full of deadpan humour with no pause for applause, laughter or acknowledgement. They just crack on with the show in all its glory, first asking us all to log our smartphones on to their website so we can play an interactive game and watch the results onscreen with musical accompaniment.

The story behind the madness is that we’re all on a team bonding exercise on our first day working at the scrapyard – and it absolutely works, both through the aforementioned feats of engineering and the easy, dry wit of our IT consultant hosts on stage. Add to that a live musical accompaniment and we’re all entranced; we may have signed up for a degree in engineering without realising.

If there are points for effort, Foxdog Studios gets all the points. There are no points left for anyone else. We’re going to have to print off some more points. Prepare the shiny paper. My pockets are empty of points and my brain is full of little stars and whizz-bangs of excitement.

This is ridiculous, unique and so funny your face will hurt. Click Here

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