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Venue:Dropkick Murphy's, 7 Merchant St (Off Candlemaker Row) Edinburgh EH1 2QD ‎
Phone: 0131 225 2002
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Main Room
AUG 5-14, 16-28 at 17:15 (60 min)
Show Image

BBC3 star Mawaan Rizwan brings his bizarre hit show to Edinburgh. Part stand-up, part clowning, he merges dark confessional anecdotes with madcap physical stupidity. All whilst wearing a sparkly pirate dress and glam-rock makeup. Bring your own baby wipes.
"A mischievous performer, with a no-holds-barred physicality & high-wattage charm" - The Guardian
"Masterful and supremely hilarious stupidity" - Total Theatre

News and Reviews for this Show

August 24, 2016  Scotsgay Fringe
Review for Mawaan Rizwan: Gender Neutral Concubine Pirate

LaughingHorse@DropKickMurphys (Venue 289)

5-28 Aug (not 15)



Deep under the streets of Edinburgh, in a cavern obscured by the rotting vegetation of a fortnight’s flyers there is a gender neutral concubine pirate treasure. They are precious, multi-faceted and sparkling in a cave just waiting to be discovered by the passersby above.

Maawan is mesmerising and enchanting, exotic, playful and sexy. They begin with the line “It’s Free Fringe, time to lower your expectations” but unnecessarily. Their antics and energy transcend this hidden cellar and like Peter Pan they take our hand and lead us to somewhere magical, where we can all be gender neutral concubine pirates together if we want.

Their obscure bizarre impressions are charming and then as they weave them together into a burlesque dance, we catch a glimpse that this is the most astute of non-binary jesters. We are being led exactly where they want us to go and regardless of the distractions of baby wipes, dad-heckling or even R Kelly’s Ignition Remix (or even the horror of the original), the magic will happen and the wooden panels on the concave ceiling becomes the upside-down hull of our fantasy gender neutral concubine pirate ship, as our Captain engages in their final alluring dance.

I absolutely loved this. I knew it was going to be special as I’d seen Mawaan guest spot at Pollyanna. Some others in the audience seemed to expect something more mainstream. It felt like a cold start but Mawaan soon had them on side. I did find myself thinking where the hell are our people, why aren’t they rushing to see this comedic queer shaman?

A few little production values would have helped to create even more of a structured atmosphere and increased bucket takings. One thing that I was increasingly frustrated with was 3 members of the venue’s staff talking at the end of the bar for the entire performance. Very rude and disrespectful.

Nothing phased Maawan though and I have immense respect and affection for this act. Go see it yourselves and get in on one of the best secrets of this year’s Fringe.
 Click Here

August 20, 2016  Fringe Biscuit
Review for Mawaan Rizwan: Gender Neutral Concubine Pirate
Like insane and absurd comedy... here is the Gender Neutral Concubine Pirate for you! Click Here

August 19, 2016  Festival Magazine
Review for Mawaan Rizwan: Gender Neutral Concubine Pirate
We're greeted by bubbles, lovingly dispatched by Mawaan Rizwan as a gift to selected audience members. This opening sets the tone of a show high on audience interaction that is always leavened by sweetness and frivolity. By the end of it you'll be clear on what constitutes a gender neutral concubine pirate; and whether you want to be one too.

There's a stage, but it's not used. Rizwan is, instead, down in the audience, his manic performance within spitting distance. This is high campery that flits between threatening and absurd, often exhibiting both simultaenously. It turns out he's a magician too, in a glorious bit of silliness that revolves around a quite different kind of trickery. And you might want to hide your drink if you've got one; alternatively, you could sample the homemade wine he whips up there and then.

While there's lots of lunacy to enjoy here, there are also hints at a darker motivation behind it all. The desire for identity fluidity is manifested via the pirate persona and digs at conservative parents splutter through at unexpected moments. It's a shame there isn't more of this splenetic bile. But the inventive deirium is what matters most; after all, there aren't many shows that could get away with not one but two sequences all about baby wipes. This is an energetic and engaging show deserving to be seen by a bigger crowd. Click Here

August 11, 2016  The Skinny
Review for Mawaan Rizwan: Gender Neutral Concubine Pirate
Invisible Dot manages to keep a finger on the pulse at the forefront of new comedy

Gender Neutral Concubine Pirate made for a surprisingly enjoyable hour. A bombastic spike on the free fringe, Mawaan Rizwan hams it up in a show of little meaning but a lot of laughs. It isn’t perfect, but is at least a step in the right direction toward getting Rizwan’s name out into the public domain.

The idea of the show, that Mawaan identifies as a gender neutral concubine pirate, may either put punters off or fill them with intrigue and take a risk on it. The curious will be truly rewarded. Particularly if they enjoy thrusting, impressions of trampolines and baby wipes. Oh, and plenty of sordid audience interaction.

Unfortunately, some of the audience participation made for uncomfortable viewing and the laughs were occasionally fearful ones, not resulting in those elicited by interactive masters (see Neal Portenza for a masterclass). Also, as is too often the case on non-ticketed shows, the act was slightly let down by lack of creative control over the venue. However, I did enjoy the juxtaposition of such a huge personality contained in a rather dank room, and luckily this disadvantage did not hinder the show too much. Click Here

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