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Venue:Espionage, 4 India Buildings (Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate) Edinburgh EH1 2EX
Phone: 0131 4777 007
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Mata Hari
AUG 4-16, 18-28 at 17:30 (60 min)
Show Image

Living in the trendy part of town, Tamar has become uncharacteristically nervous about leaving the house. She is convinced there must be more to life than dodging hipsters, envying gym girls and keeping body hair under control. Following the success of All By My Selfie in Edinburgh, Adelaide and Lithuania, award-winning comedy-songwriter Tamar returns with a brand new show about over-sharing, over-shaving, and embracing life without a filter. As heard on BBC Radio 4. ‘I predict a great future' (Michael Palin). ‘Effervescent energy and easy charm’ **** (RipItUp.com.au). ‘Something really special’ ***** (FemaleArts.com).

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 22, 2016  The Skinny
Review for Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly
Musical comedian Tamar Broadbent impresses with her debut show Get Ugly

Winning charm allows Tamar Broadbent to explore the highs and lows of being a single 20something with aplomb. Fighting an urge to grit our teeth as a gorgeous and very talented blonde tell us how she feels 25% uglier after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, we're swiftly brought back onside – she has some genuinely original and funny things to say.

One of the high points is a song about her jealousy of the ubiquitous sexy gym girl, who never appears to break a sweat but takes up a lot of floor space with elaborate stretching, and getting the audience involved in a mock Tinder dating competition is also inspired. One dud is a song about her sister, where she seems to be trying to humanise her show, but just comes over as sentimental. The closing song (about how she could never compete with her ex's new girlfriend, except in that she is a much better driver) brings the house down though – and deservedly so.

Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly, Laughing Horse @ Espionage (Mata Hari), 4-28 Aug (not 17), 5.30pm, Free Click Here

August 20, 2016  The Stage
Review for Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly
Songbook cabaret is on a roll at the moment, or so it seems. Aside from the dozens of tributes to the likes of Brel, Porter and Gershwin that pop up around town, there is also a wealth of original songwriters, performing new work and building core audience fan bases. One such example is Tamar Broadbent, who has been a regular face on both the comedy and cabaret circuits here and overseas for several years now.

Broadbent's unique style fuses exquisitely crafted lyrics with precise observational comedy. As with Get Ugly, the artist takes a lighthearted approach to self-perception referencing her recent move to east London and continuing the dating game amid hipsters, gym girls and all the while attempting to keep body hair under control. Think somewhere between Bridget Jones and Victoria Wood and you'll be close to grasping Broadbent's undeniable appeal.

There's an honesty to Broadbent's work that resonates deeply with her fellow millennials and while her references - Tinder, Facebook and hipsters - are refreshingly contemporary, she maintains a universal appeal. Diverse compositions include light ballads and rock beats but it's the connection this artist makes with her audience that signifies a bright future. Click Here

August 13, 2016  West End Wilma
If Tamar Broadbent has noticed her YouTube hits spike dramatically over the past few weeks, then that will be have been me binge-watching the music video to her comedy song “The Tube Ride of Shame”. Tamar is a musical comedian who recently shared a bill with the excellent Four Femmes on the Thames at the Good Ship Benefit, which I was gutted to miss due to being on holiday. Delighted was I to find out that Tamar was performing at Edinburgh Fringe and I went along to see her free show at the Espionage, excited to see more material from the tube shame lady. I was a little worried that I had only heard the one song and hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed with the rest of her material. It’s fine – I wasn’t.

Tamar opened with the song I’d gone along to hear with the words slightly tweaked (yes, I know them off by heart), presumably to resonate with those who don’t dwell inside the M25, and it went down a treat. She then launched into an hour of stories and songs all about her life, living in London and some rather self-deprecating humour on the subject of her love and sex life. Audience members were called to the stage to participate in a game of “Live Tinder” using chat up lines Tamar and her friends have been subjected to in the thankless pursuit of online dating – all of which are apparently true and range from hilarious to cringey to just plain weird. My favourite song was a number about hipsters, a common pest in London, and my companion was singled out as one of them!

The room was packed out with people and raucous laughter, one guy actually couldn’t catch his breath for the tears streaming down his face. I was so pleased that going to see Tamar on the strength of one YouTube video turned out not to be a disappointment but a delight. There are sure to be great things to come from Tamar Broadbent, she is a real triple threat. She sings like a dream, is ridiculously funny and can play the piano! She also looks strikingly like Kerry Ellis’s sister .

If you are up at Edinburgh Fringe this August, do not miss this show. It’s FREE would you believe! I am looking forward to catching her next gig in London!

Reviewed by Pete Forbes-DuGreiner

Tamar Broadbent is playing at Laughing Horse @ Espionage at 5.30pm until 28 August 2016. It’s free and not ticketed so get there early as it was packed when I went! Click Here

August 12, 2016  West End Frame
EdFringe Review: Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly at Laughing Horse @ Espionage
Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly
Laughing Horse @ Espionage
Running time: 1 hour
Reviewed on Thursday 11th August

It feels ironic that a show called Get Ugly can be so beautiful. It is beautifully honest, beautifully brutal and filled with beautiful moments of ‘it’s not just me? Oh thank god for that’.

Tamar Broadbent is back at the EdFringe with her new stand up, comedy musical Get Ugly. We join Broadbent in an intimate venue where she talks us through her break up (don’t feel too sorry for her, it turns out that she is excellent at being single) and being exposed to a world of singletons and tinder dates, all accompanied with impressive riffs and the odd knowing look to an unsuspecting audience member. What’s not to love?

The show is charmingly funny from start to finish and Tamar takes control of the audience with ease. If you are no stranger to tinder, man buns, a Facebook horror story and trying to successfully adult then this is the show for you. And if that territory is unfamiliar, Tamar will educate you in a musical, endearing manner.

If I could give this show six stars then I would – Get Ugly is the must-see show at this year’s EdFringe.

Reviewed by Lucy Beirne
 Click Here

August 10, 2016  Musical Theatre Review
A more pleasing hour on the Fringe would be hard to find. Laughs by the bucket-load – and you will look for her in the future. One day you will see her on TV and tell anyone who will listen that you ‘found’ her on the Fringe, in a basement in Espionage. You owe it to your future self to see this show! Click Here

August 10, 2016  Festival Magazine
Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly
Broadbent is pulling herself together after a bad break-up. A friend tells her that you're 25 per cent uglier when you break up with someone, so off she despondently goes, moving her stuff into an abandoned warehouse with a wee smelling kitchen hoping to find her beauty again.

It's hard to believe, as on stage she's radiant, all smiles and lush hair behind the keyboard from which she bangs out show style tunes and soft rock numbers, musing on the break up and pulling herself back together again.

Many of the songs here feature familiar touchstones found in many comedy routines – hipsters and their habits, not looking glam at the gym, Facebook mistakes and bikini waxs, or rather the lack of them. But Broadbent sells them well, with more chutzpah than several performers rolled together.

However, her comedy writing isn't the strongest and a fair few gags within the songs rely on that old classic of the previous line of a song rhyming with a rude word but then she sings something else instead. Elsewhere there is a fair amount of guessable pull back and reveal. But there's a pleasure in that too. Plus there are some great moments – when she discovers her Tinder date is very politically unaware, and a routine about the inequality between the genders when it comes to making films about what guys will stick their penis into.

Overall Broadbent is a charming performer with an enjoyable hour, and her message is a strong one. Click Here

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