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Venue:The Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1JS
Phone: 0131 622 6802
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Wee Room
AUG 4-28 at 20:30 (60 min)
Show Image

Welcome to Gagster's Paradise, a place preferable to Gangsta's Paradise as it isn't threatening and doesn't contain Coolio. The three acts are...

Anthony Wright, a dark (both figuratively and literally) one liner comedian, a throw back to Music Hall with suits as sharp as his wit (as long as he doesn't wear the green one).

Mark Grimshaw, a Powerpoint using topical satirist. He's been described as what you would get if you mixed the comedy of Dave Gorman and Adam Buxton and the looks of Roy Cropper with a hint of disappointment. As an Autistic comedian, he's mainly here to fill our Equal Opportunities form.

James Allen, no relation to Tim. A man constantly out of his depth (even in the shallow end). James is a child of this millennium who really doesn't understand why. He's primarily here to disprove his parents calling him a disappointment. Hopefully, this will work.

Each day, they'll be joined by a special guest act, who will be announced in advance via our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, as the guest acts are on rotation, there's no joke we can write here that will make sense for all of them. Damn.

See them now before they end up working in Greggs!

Follow the show on Twitter: @gagstrsparadise

Follow Anthony on Twitter: @Anthony_wright_
Follow Mark on Twitter: @markgrimshaw16
Follow James on Twitter: @JamesAllen27

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News and Reviews for this Show

July 6, 2016 Hot Water Comedy Club
Q&A: James Allen
Q) Where and when was your 1st ever gig? How'd it go?
A) Pro's and Coms the laundry lark lane Wasn't bad 5 people there

Q) Who/what were your main influences when you first started out as a comedian?
A) John Robins Elis James Jack Whitehall Liam Williams Jamie Demetriou

Q) What has been your biggest achievement to date?
A) Performing at Alex Bordmans new comedians night at the comedy store in Manchester

Q) If you weren't a stand up comedian what would you be?
A) Teacher or Dead

Q) What has been your favourite gig to date?
A) Beat The Frog May 16th did not win but beat the frog. Audience reaction was good and material flowed well

Q) And your worst?
A) 1. Freds comedy club Levenshulme. Tried new stuff which bombed apologised to the promoter about 20 times. 2. Rofl comedy stoke. Silence. Absolute silence. Finished quickly and mimed shooting myself in the head as I walked off.

Q) Who is your favourite circuit comedian ATM? What new comedians should we watch out for?
A) Loads. Hot Waters very own Adam Rowe is of course fantastic. More circuit people erm, James Meehan, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Phil Ellis, Danny Mcloughlin. Ones to watch Simon Wozniak is really good also Simon Lomas. Shell Byron, Yolav and Graham, Phil Lucas, Josh Jones, Jamie Hutchinson, Dan Soff, Sean Morley John Mcreadie. Far too many for me to name.

Q) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A) Hopefully, at a point where I have networked enough in the north west to do as many regular gigs as I can in Liverpool as I hardly gig their enough being wirral based. I'd quite like to be on the circuit and possibly maybe go to Edinburgh to just ask for gigs or maybe do a split bill with someone. Basically anything that brings me closer to having financial stability whilst doing comedy but also to network and meet as many people as I can. And just to constantly gig and gig.

Q) Do you have anything to promote?
A) I am going to Edinburgh this year with two other comedian friends of mine Tony Wright & Mark Grimshaw. We're doing a show called Gagsters Paradise in which the three of us do about 10-12 mins and we rotate the MC each night between us. Also hoping to have a different guest each day whilst we're down there. It's at the free sisters staff room at 20:30pm from the 4th-28th. Click Here for tickets Click Here

March 21, 2016 North West End
Anthony Wright - New Comedians at The Comedy Store, Manchester
After the break first up was an 18 year old new comedian Anthony Wright who introduced his act likened to a one night stand however this young fella definitely isn’t a one night stand as his talent was beyond my expectations for a new comedian and I'm sure he's to stay around for a long time, he confidently relayed tales of his family including a very amusing story about his seasoned veteran grandfather. This young man oozed confidence and talent as he stood on stage bravely dressed in a brightly coloured suit with a matching dickey bow in the midst of factory workers, students, poets, vets, teachers and an intoxicated audience.

He had the audience however eating out of his hands as he eased his way through his act, this young man is definitely a star of the future and one I will personally be keeping an eye out for when he is next on the circuit - so remember his name as he is a must see. Click Here

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