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Venue:The City Café, 19 Blair Street Edinburgh EH1 1QR
Phone: 0131 220 0125
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: City Two - Basement Bar
AUG 4-14, 16-28 at 20:00 (60 min)
Show Image

Amused Moose Best Show Nominee 2011, 2013
GQ Top Ten show 2012

Milo McCabe's comedic creation Troy Hawke is returning to Edinburgh! As a naif homeschooled 1930's time capsule of a man he has understandably struggled to fit into today's barbarian dystopian present. Watch as he deals, in his own fabulous way with Facebook, fistfights and being called a 'nobhead' from the passenger seat of a speeding car.

In the last show he performed, Troy was trying to stand out from the masses. Now he is merely trying to fit in.

‘Near on perfection’ ***** (NewCurrent.co.uk). 
'Wonderfully observed characters' ***** (Scotsgay)
Undeniably funny’ **** (Chortle.co.uk). 
‘Perfectly worded jokes’ **** (BroadwayBaby.com).
‘Masterclass in character comedy’ **** (EdfestMag.com). 
‘Beautifully written and performed’ **** (List)
'huge amounts of fun' **** (The Skinny)

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 22, 2016  Edinburgh Festival Magazine
Review for Milo McCabe: The Unflappable Troy Hawke
Troy Hawke is a charming home-schooled young man who is suddenly unleashed into modern day Britain. Desperate to learn about the world outside his home, Hawke embraces even the most mundane activities with Shakespearean passion and endearing naivety. A lack of understanding of this modern life gets Hawke into all kinds of trouble, as he confidently and dapperly moves from one hurdle to the next. From Facebook, to William Hill, McCabe’s character explores elements of daily life with the curiosity and charm of a young mind.

This is a beautifully written show, topped only by McCabe’s diction which nears perfection, complete with an overly-verbose use of language that makes Hawke a very entertaining character: a must see for any comedy enthusiast.

One of the best comedy acts this year, The Unflappable Troy Hawke is a show that will outgrow it’s venue in no time.

Words: Mariana Mercado

Milo McCabe: The Unflappable Troy Hawke, The Laughing Horse @City Cafe, Aug 20-28, 8pm Click Here

August 18, 2016  Festival Magazine
Review for Milo McCabe: The Unflappable Troy Hawke
Troy Hawke shimmies on stage in a cravat and red silk robe, hair and moustache impossibly well groomed, the perfect gentleman of leisure. Character comedian Milo McCabe's camp creation is a pre-war throwback to another age—part Errol Flynn, part Kenneth Horne—flung headfirst into modernity after an apparently insulated childhood with a sadistically overprotective mother.

Armed only with a Bible for guidance, and a notebook in which he assiduously documents verbatim encounters with everyone he meets—he's a quick study, proudly annoucing he's now proficient in “phonetic” Scottish—Milo has been out on an adventure. He's approached his travels, mostly around South London, with the enthusiasm and cluelessness of British imperial explorers –somewhere betweeen trippy grand tour and misguided anthropological study.

It's a fun premise, and the character is brought exquisitely to life. There are a few gems, too, as Hawke tries to understand the world around him. Croydon Wetherspoons, he can only surmise, is a sort of “spiritual temple”: the sticky floors encourage us to pause and live in the moment, while all around blank-faced men face the walls, meditating to the regular sound of ceremonially smashed glass.

It's all fairly one-note, and at just over 40 minutes is little more than a fun diversion, a series of entertaining variations on a theme. There's just time for McCabe to turn political though. Apparently the moral of it all is to beware posh-voiced morons with no comprehension of the real world – witness the current crop of Tory MPs. Click Here

August 13, 2016  The Chocolate Ocelot's Pouch
Review for Milo McCabe - The Unflappable Troy Hawke
Milo McCabe: The Unflappable Troy Hawke
Laughing Horse @ City Cafe
Homeschooled by an overly nostalgic mother, Troy confronts the 21st century as if waking from a 1930's time capsule... with insightful and hilarious consequences.
The Ocelot says: Thanks to Kill the Beast overrunning, I had to peg it from the Pleasance to the City Cafe for this free gig but made it with minutes to spare. I do enjoy Milo McCabe's character Troy Hawke; he looks like George Valentin from The Artiste and sounds like a fruitier version of Robert Donat from The 39 Steps. Not entirely sure the audience got the vibe of his show, which is essentially that innocent 30's throwback Troy inadvertently gets into and out of scrapes in modern Croydon, but I certainly enjoyed it. And he has the best jawline/soupstrainer combo at the Fringe. 4/5 Click Here

August 5, 2016  Broadway Baby
Milo McCabe steps onto the stage as Troy Hawke with the swagger of an assured performer. Over the next fifty or so minutes the comedian proves that both he and his creation are us unflappable as the show’s title suggests, putting in a very entertaining performance as he explores some of the foibles of modern life from a uniquely unusual perspective. Click Here

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