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Note: This is show not from the current year being displayed. This show appeared in 2017 at The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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Venue:The Raging Bull (Formerly Moriarty's), 161 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9AA
Phone: 0131 228 5558
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Cellar
AUG 3-27 at 19:30 (60 min)
Show Image

With no prior stand up experience, and only a year to learn the craft; Mark Row faces the challenge of performing at the biggest Comedy Festival in the world! Either very brave or very stupid, doesn't really matter, just as long as he is very funny!

Just 12 short months ago Mark had an idea, the sort of stupid thought that you would consider for only the briefest of seconds, before dismissing it as ridiculous, and carrying on with your cornflakes... But Mark just couldn't let it go! Instead he rounded up a couple of friends, jumped on a plane, and came to Edinburgh to meet some comedians, and find out what it would take to put on a show. They told him it would be virtually impossible!

Undeterred he went back home and started plotting his adventure!

He signed up to a course, wrote some jokes, and convinced some people in the know to let him on their stage, and hey presto, a brand new stand up comedian was born!

Along the way he met a host of other comedians who very kindly took the time to encourage, advise and support him, through the late nights, long journeys and difficult crowds. They told him cautionary tales of their own experience, and shared their knowledge and wisdom with him in a bid to get him 'match fit' for his appearance in Edinburgh.

And after a long, and tiring, year filled with open mics, late night train journeys and enough coffee to single handedly keep the Colombian economy afloat, Mark has made it here, ready to share with you the tale of an entire year walking 'The Long Road to Edinburgh'

Most people would not do what you're doing, so even if you never do it again... what an experience - James Acaster, Nov 2016

Well you've got your work cut out - Christian Talbot, Aug 2016

Disappointingly Funny - My Mate Mike, Oct 2016

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