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Note: This is show not from the current year being displayed. This show appeared in 2017 at The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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Venue:The Cuckoo's Nest, 69 Home St Edinburgh EH3 9JP
Phone: 0131 220 1078
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Basement
AUG 3-27 at 20:00 (60 min)
Show Image

Film noir murder meets surreal mayhem in this world premiere. Dick Spacey has become a legend in the universe, especially in psychiatric circles, where his name is whispered in fear and reverence. The man who makes amphetamines look tame and slow. Fast paced, hilarious and memorable. Meet Dick Spacey, the intergalactic dick who attempts to solve one of the deadliest murder mysteries in the universe. As he travels through the cosmos in his invisible classic Cadillac he gets hopelessly lost in the tangle of language and possibilities, where suspects include cereal packets, vegetables, Napoleon and himself. This is film noir crime as you have never seen it - dense, theatrical, very funny. Dick made cameo appearances in another show where reviews said “This show is anarchic, gut-wrenchingly funny and full of wonderful theatrical surprises.” “…this is what Tom Waits would be like as a stage character on amphetamines.” Other reviews include: “Excellently funny - John Dowell meets Philip Marlowe.” “Funniest and most provocative show I’ve seen this year.” “Dick Spacey is comically brilliant – my only criticism is that the jokes and puns come so quickly you have to concentrate all the time” “Poignant, surprising, very funny.” Some reviewers expired in exhausted laughter before they could pen their thoughts. As Dick says, everything is a mystery, especially things that are mysterious. Sometimes the burden of himself becomes too much and he becomes other people. The murder case is the toughest nut he has ever tried to crack: “This caper was getting to me. I could smell something funny. It was me. I took a shower, then I brought it back. Hell, I felt as if I was dying on my feet, which was as good a place as any. I needed air. Everyone needed air. No wonder I couldn’t breathe, with every sonofabitch taking the air. I got out of there, and went here, but it was just somewhere else. Every damn place was somewhere else. Except where I was. Which was nowhere.” Will he every discover the identity of the intergalactic serial killer and bring him to justice?

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