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Note: This is an old show being displayed, and it is not from this year's festival. This show appeared in 2016 at The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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Venue:The Mockingbird, 72-74 Newington Road Edinburgh EH9 1QN
Phone: 0131 466 2041
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Upstairs
AUG 16-21, 23-28 at 00:30 (60 min)
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FREE THE DOLPHIN - Show Description

The dolphin -- a remarkably intelligent animal with uncommon sensitivity, full of wonder and curiosity. A creature fascinating to humankind, much loved, but ultimately misunderstood. It is too often caged like a circus beast, used crassly as mass entertainment for an uncultured public. Or worse still, it's divine likeness profanely tattooed on an ankle, memorializing a week of debauchery at a Cuban all-inclusive. The dolphin is better than that, the dolphin is more beautiful. Magnificent and wise sage of the deep ocean realm, the dolphin deserves better. The dolphin deserves justice: FREE THE DOLPHIN


Virginie Forin is known as a major "rising star" in the Quebecois comedy scene. Her calm and gentle demeanour portray an innocence starkly contrasted by the "shocking" and "audacious" nature of her stand-up act. The absurdity and obscenity that fascinate her, and make up much of her comic material, become amplifed when juxtaposed against the girl behind the act. Virginie is tearing down the gender norms of the comic tradition, and the result is a "brilliant", and "priceless" entertainment experience.

LA PRESSE - Virginie Fortin, naturellement baveuse (July 2013)

"Stand-up comedy in the pure sense, a rare species on our stages"

"At first glance she appears a good girl, cute, well-mannered and perfectly harmless. But when she opens her mouth she is outrageous, as if an evil lurks within her that shatters her respectable and civil appearance."

LE HUFFINGTON POST, Quebec - Mazza-Fortin: La deux font la paire (May 2014)

"From behind a facade of faux-seriousness escape some pretty shocking comic gems, delivered with just enough corrosivity "

"Scatological....but with class"

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