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Venue:The Cellar Monkey , 15 Argyle Pl Edinburgh EH9 1JJ
Phone: 0131 221 9759
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Cellar
AUG 4-7, 9-15, 17-23, 25-28 at 12:00 (60 min)
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The Oxford Revue present a rotating cast of the country’s brightest young comedians together with headline acts from the comedy circuit.

★★★★★ “tight, intelligent, and extremely funny … Is there anything the Oxford Revues can’t do?” EdFringe Review

★★★★ “a stream of constant laughter “ The Student Newspaper

★★★★½ “jaw achingly funny.” The Fix

“A thoroughly happy, mirth-filled occasion … delighted the fans.” Oxford TImes

“their timing was exceptional … the content was (brilliantly) barmy.” Cambridge News

Former Revue members include Michael Palin, Stewart Lee, Al Murray, Sally Phillips, Armando Iannucci and Rowan Atkinson.

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 24, 2016  
Review for the Oxford Revenue
A mix of witty and well-crafted anecdote, stand-up, sketches, and even a drag queen, it can't be denied that the Oxford Revue write and perform a very good show.
The decision to have two of the Revue members as hosts kicking off works well. The pair have a good dynamic between them, and keep the show rolling. Their chatty, relaxed tone creates a great rapport with the audience, and I particularly enjoy one of their opening anecdotes about the "typology" of those who reject flyers. Even the "Evasive Erics" of the audience (we’ve probably all been guilty of this label one time or another…) laugh heartily.
There are, however, points where this pace is broken a little, and the hosts appear to lack confidence. Some extended hesitations at points lead to the feeling that the pair are disarmed by each other’s jokes, somewhat disrupting the natural flow that other parts maintain.
Next we have Donna Kerbabe, a heavily contoured drag queen, who treats us to an incredibly sassy lip-sync mashup of quotes and songs. Kerbabe's energy, facial expressions of seismic proportions, and complete lack of inhibition make for a very funny skit. That said, it goes on a little long, feeling somewhat repetitive by the end. To justify this length, it needs to be developed further.
A later sketch of fictional stand-up comedian ‘Jerry Katona’ is another amusing part of the Revue's set. The painfully shy Scouser, brother to the more notorious Kerry Katona and deliverer of awful jokes, makes for a well received satire on poor stand-up comedy.
The second part of the set features 'Horseplay’: a series of sketches by all members of the group. These are well thought out, and on the whole well-executed, tackling Masterchef, Pingu, and even the gender of the Almighty. The quality of humour is testified by the raucous reaction of the audience. Some moments are weaker than others though. One sketch really suffers from a lack of pace and confidence, and in the performance I watch, one member of the group has something of a mind bank. It can happen to the best performers, but is dealt with by a rather clumsy, mumbled apology to the audience. This unfortunately strips some professionalism from the piece.
This show is rough around the edges, and could do with some slickening up, but overall, this is good quality comedy – witty and imaginative. Click Here

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