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Janey Godley


Venue:The Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1JS
Phone: 0131 622 6802
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Maggie's Chamber
AUG 4-28 at 19:00 (60 min)
Show Image

Janey is back with another free show. If you are skint, don't worry come see her you do not have to donate to the bucket. Nobody should be too poor to see a comedy show at the richest arts festival in the world.
Scotland's funniest woman is back and down at the Three Sisters on the Cowgate.

Scottish award winning stand up comic.
Best selling author
"Scotland's funniest woman" The Herald
"F**king Great comic" Billy Connolly

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 29, 2016  Broadway Baby
Review for An Act of Godley
A status as Fringe favourite and a viral stint for her infamous “Trump is a cunt” sign at the businessman’s visit to the Trump Turnberry golf resort mean that Janey Godley’s reputation definitely precedes her. If you offend easily, Godley’s certainly not the comedian for you: an apologetic force with a filthy mouth and a skewed perspective on the world, Godley doesn’t invite conversation with her audience. Her stand up is a force of nature, sweeping you along with it - whether you’d like to or not.

Godley’s style won't appeal to everyone – not that she’ll be fussed by that.
Godley has a great rhythm on stage and is comfortable mouthing off about any and every subject, even swinging the odd punch at her own family. She does this to good effect, although sometimes the structure doesn’t feel watertight. Godley moves between segments of her set fairly seamlessly, but the anecdotes themselves can feel a little overlong once the full extent of jokes has been reaped. There’s no strong overarching theme to Godley’s hour, which works very well for her but compared to several hundreds of stand ups who have crafted their material for a theme Godley’s show runs the risk of feeling mismatched.

The uncontested highlight of Godley’s material is her experience protesting against Trump, a fantastic story which has some genuinely shocking moments. Godley’s delivery is matter-of-fact and perfectly suits the ridiculous extents to which the story escalates, pitting Scottish and American attitudes against one another to create a high hit rate on gags. This high return of jokes is fantastic, although it does overshadow some of Godley’s previous material from the hour. There are some excellent one-liners in here, but Godley’s style won't appeal to everyone – not that she’ll be fussed by that. Click Here

August 16, 2016  Scotsgay Fringe
Review for An Act of Godley:Jane Godley
Laughing Horse@The Free Sisters
(Venue 272)


August 16-28


Donald Trump, Isis, and plumbers had better look out because Janey Godley and her fearless posse of over-50s Glaswegian women are coming for you. In a hilarious set which had the punters doubled-over laughing, Godley spells out her unique solutions to some of the problems stalking the world today. Drop that Glasgow posse into Syria and they’ll sort it out in no time, providing there’s a Gregg’s of course. Take down Donald Trump and his pompous security team with a few well-chosen words scrawled on a piece of lino. As for the plumbers, and other tradesmen, let’s just say they’d be well advised not to go down into the basement with any pre-menopausal women.

But it’s not all about the “big issues”. She also brings it closer to home, to her own life There’s the indulgent neighbours, who let their kids vandalize cars, who soon change their minds after a word from the – let’s just say scary lady – across the street. There’s the husband with Asperger’s whose literal take on role-playing leads not to spicing up their their love life, but a speech about the benefits of green energy; and the dad with dementia who makes up the story of his life so as not to disappoint his carer.

Don’t think of this as a Free Fringe show, think of it as an encounter with a comedian at the top of her game who swears and shouts and smashes her way through all the issues of the day and leaves you gasping with laughter. But beware, because while you’re busy laughing at “them”, she will also have you questioning some of your own attitudes. Click Here

August 11, 2016  The List
An Act of Godley: Janey Godley
Janey Godley recently went viral as the lady with the 'Trump is a cunt' poster being apprehended by a polis outside Trump Turnberry, and she has a lot to say about that day in her new show. There's more to the image than meets the eye: it's a tale of breaking away from the crowd, standing up to authority and being heckled by a group of fat, golfing American men. There's politics talk here, of course, but it's measured: Godley isn't about to tell a nation who they should vote for (even if Trump is still 'a cunt').

She pauses to wonder whether we're offended by her use of the word, as well as a joke about how being locked in a cellar by some mad man – with the occasional shag and Greggs' pastie – could be seen as a nice weekend break for a single mum with kids. But Godley also talks with fondness and humour about her dad, his accidental old-person political incorrectness, and that one time he had a stroke while on the phone to her while she was thousands of miles away in LA.

When she's making the case for Scottish women over 45 – forget ISIS, these premenopausal warriors ought to be feared the world over – her strength in shouty, strong humour comes to the fore. Janey Godley is Scottish comedy personified: sweary, passionate and really funny.

Laughing Horse @ Free Sisters, until 28 Aug, 7pm, free. Click Here

June 4, 2012 
Homeless scandal and poverty
FEAR. It is the overwhelming emotion Janey Godley remembers from her childhood.

Fear that she would come home to find all the family belongings in the front garden of the tenement where she lived. Fear that she would no longer be sleeping in her own bed. Fear that everything she knew and was cosily familiar with would be ripped from her.

This week, learning about the ­thousands of homeless children in ­Scotland living in cramped, soulless accommodation with sparse facilities, that fear came rushing back.

Now aged 50, and a successful stand-up comic, Janey read and immediately understood how those ­children felt.

She said: “As a child, knowing that the place you call home could be taken off you has stuck with me my entire life.

“You’re sitting in school and you’re trying to read your books and you’re trying to be a good child and sing songs for Jesus and pray – all that goodwill to all men, especially at Christmas and you’re thinking, ‘I’m going home and my dog’s going to be tied to a fence and my mammy’s going to be running about the streets trying to raise the cash.’

“Where would we stay and where would we go and how would we get the money? We were evicted a few times – put out on the streets. I remember all the furniture being thrown in Mr Woods’s front garden – our downstairs neighbour – and I was horrified.

“The fear grips you terribly. It still wakes me up. What if I couldn’t pay my rent or my mortgage? It stays with me.

“What I can’t understand is in the 21st century why this is still happening?

“They’ve had years to fix this.”

Between the ages of seven and nine, her family faced eviction several times.

And there were others. She remembers a pal of her mum’s with four kids coming up to Glasgow from Birmingham fleeing a violent marriage.

She was homeless, so along with her four children she squatted in a condemned tenement block at the foot of Kenmore Street in Shettleston, where Janey lived.

Janey said: “It was a dank old scabby place and they just stayed there until someone found it in their hearts to rehouse them.”

Raging still at the injustice suffered by the homeless a generation later, Janey believes the government should step in.

Free prescriptions and free university tuition sit well within a modern Scotland, but not when children are unable to reach their full potential because of the blight of homelessness.

A firm believer in helping others and a veteran of many a charity fundraiser, Janey cannot understand why Scotland cannot look after its own most vulnerable youngsters.

And she believes that without a basic house to live in, kids will lose the will, the hope and the ­aspiration to go further.

“Any country that can’t house its kids needs to take a good long look at itself and stop bleating about its ­achievements,” she said.

“If you can’t house the weakest and the most vulnerable amongst you, then you shouldn’t be allowed to keep pandas.

“My mammy said you shouldn’t have a dog if you can’t feed your kids, and she was right.

“I believe we should give foreign aid and any civilised country should give money to people who are the world’s poorest. That’s what civilised people do.

“But civilised people also should make sure that their own children aren’t living in unsafe accommodation or are homeless.

“It’s horrific in this day and age that wee kids are living in temporary accommodation far from their schools, either through poverty or through domestic violence or through their parents not being able to cope, and it’s the children that suffer.

“They’re ripped away from their communities, their wee school, their friends, their neighbours, their wee clique of pals and they’re flung in some bed and breakfast and they’re living out of plastic bags. That’s just inhumane. And now we’ve got a tram they can’t pay for and two pandas.

“They should strap the two pandas on to the front of the tram and make them pull it – and then it would work.”

Shelter Scotland have released the horrifying statistics that there are three times as many families living in ­temporary accommodation today as there were in 2002.

Then, there were 4153 households – now there are more than 11,000.

The disruption and the damage to children in particular is enormous.

Their health suffers since the new accommodation is often poor.

Academically, they struggle to keep up with schoolwork because of all the upheaval.

And the psychological effects could linger for years.

The SNP pledged to build 6000 affordable homes for each year of the lifetime of the parliament – but now they have cut their budget by half and in the last 12 months, only 3696 homes have been built. There is also a desperate shortage of family homes.

In the last 10 years, 92,000 homes have been lost to the social rented sector through right to buy legislation, while thousands of private homes throughout Scotland are lying empty.

The Daily Record is working with Shelter to press for more affordable rented homes to be built and for the refurbishment of homes lying empty.

Shelter also want a tax on empty homes to raise cash for the renovation.

Janey went on: “When our great great great grandchildren study this period they are going to wonder why when we had our own government, we couldn’t house our own kids. It’s Dickensian.

“It is the most fundamental right of a child to have shelter.

“When you’re a child and you don’t have a safe place to go, the foundations of your personality, your security and emotional welfare are warped.

“In the 21st century, the voluntary sector should not be picking up the slack for homeless children – it should be the government.

“They should be building affordable housing stock. I thought this finished when I was a kid but I am still horrified by these stories.

“There are still kids over Christmas living in unsafe, unsociable housing with all their stuff in a carrier bag.

“If we cannot provide the most basic needs of shelter to the most vulnerable then we as a nation are letting ourselves down.”

 Click Here

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