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STARTING AT 10:45 in Espionage / The Bunker 

Present & Correct COMEDY 
AUG 3-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27 at 10:45 (60 min) - Free 
Present and Correct returns to Edinburgh with a brand New Sketch Show! A staple of the Fringe, Present and Correct with have you balling with laughter before you've even thought about Lunch! So begin your day with us at 5 India Buildings! "Downright Hilarious" - EdFringe Re...
STARTING AT 10:45 in The Free Sisters / The Gothic Room 

Africa Weird and Wonderful CHILDRENS 
JUL 30-31, AUG 1-14, 16-21, 23-25 at 10:45 (60 min) - Free 
Njambi McGrath returns to the Fringe with the ultimate African Experience, Music, Dancing and fun and weird stories from Africa. Come join the fun. All ages that love to boogie. ...
STARTING AT 10:45 in Victoria St Coffee Co / The Basement 

All Victoria Coffee Co Shows are now in Espionage... CLICK HERE EVENTS AND TOURS 
AUG 3-27 at 10:45 (900 min) - Free 
All shows that were in this Pop Up Venue, are now in a new room called THE BUNKER, next door in ESPIONAGE. Do look at Espionage listings for the shows that have moved.
STARTING AT 11:00 in The Counting House / The Lounge 

Bone Wars THEATRE 
AUG 3-13 at 11:00 (50 min) - Free 
America, 1863. Two great scientists discover the dinosaurs, go mad and destroy each other. 150 years later, they’re back for a final reckoning. Witness history’s greatest feud (excluding that time Emily Davison tried to punch a horse). A new comic play by Keiron Nicholson a...
STARTING AT 11:00 in The Free Sisters / The Wee Room 

About Comedy: Stand-Up Comedy Courses COURSES 
JUL 31, AUG 5-6, 8-9, 12-13, 15-16, 19-20, 22-23, 26-27 at 11:00 (270 min) - £99/£89 (book 2 tickets, get 1 half price) 
Learn the skill and art of stand-up comedy performance on this two-day intensive comedy training course. Our tutors are professional comedians and writers, and the course includes a graduation performance in a Fringe show. All of the subjects during the two-days are covere...
STARTING AT 11:00 in The Free Sisters / Maggie's Front Room  

Grumpy Pants CHILDRENS 
AUG 4-27 at 11:00 (60 min) - Free 
All the way from Spain, Kiki Vita presents ‘Grumpy Pants’ a hilarious show for the whole family. Mr Vita will delight audiences of all ages with his perfectly crafted juggling routines, physical comedy and fork throwing! Grumpy Pants invites the audience into an eccentric a...
STARTING AT 11:00 in The Pear Tree / Pear Tree Indoor Stage 

Too Soon: Jokes From the Future COMEDY 
AUG 3-13, 15-19 at 11:00 (60 min) - Free 
The hottest comedy act of 2047 comes back from the future to prove that "que sera, sera very funny." Featuring a soon-to-be illegal impersonation of Scottish President JoJo Siwa. James Nokise’s debut family standup show warps time, space and logic as he sets out on a mission...
STARTING AT 11:5 in The Counting House / The Attic 

Cheetah COMEDY 
AUG 3-27 at 11:05 (50 min) - Free 
Having recently lost a girlfriend through infidelity, just one month after buying a flat together, Adam Greene explores the reasons why people cheat, how it affects others and the perceptions that tend to surround the subject. Adam Greene has been performing stand up for ov...
STARTING AT 11:5 in The Newsroom / The Downstairs Bar  

In between COMEDY 
AUG 12-13 at 11:05 (45 min) - Free 
IN BETWEEN: languages, careers, sexual preferences... Lisa presents here her second one woman show. She shares her life contradictions on stage, in English as another weirdness! Lisa is so off the wall, that she'll make you feel normal. A stand up comedy show in English, by ...
STARTING AT 11:10 in The Counting House / The Loft 

Phi and Me THEATRE 
AUG 3-16 at 11:10 (50 min) - Free 
All the way from Springvale Australia, A Vietnamese Australian family comedy compared to 42nd Kumar Street (UK) and Fresh off The Boat (USA) presents Phi is a second generation Vietnamese Australian. Phi appears to be a typical Vietnamese boy, who studies hard to make his m...
STARTING AT 11:15 in The City Café / Las Vegas 

Pam Ford Pants and Pantsability COMEDY 
AUG 3-14, 16-27 at 11:15 (60 min) - Free 
Pam Ford is a seasoned comedian,ex pub landlady & ex hairdresser as her previous career roles. Having sought the advice from 53 self help books and numerous expensive seminars, horoscope, gurus,tea leaves,tarot and the angels without success. She created her own motivational...
STARTING AT 11:15 in The Counting House / The Ballroom 

CeilidhKids at the Fringe - Free! CHILDRENS 
AUG 3-16, 18-21, 23, 25-27 at 11:15 (45 min) - Free 
Family workshop suitable for children aged 3-7 years with parents or carers. We involve everyone: skip, clap and march together to traditional Scottish music. Enjoy discovering very simple (often simplified) dances that you might find at a ceilidh or Scottish country dance, ...
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