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The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival Performer Downloads

These downloads are for last year, and will be updated with new venues and venue names, a new map and new poster templates for the new venues in April. Note the logo will stay the same as well as poster templates for old venues with the same name!

Images below are available for download for Free Festival performers promoters and producers. All images are high resolution images and may be scaled down as required.

What downloads should I use?

The only image we require to be on all advertising the Free Festival Logo.  (feel free to change colours etc to suit your design) - we also have a standard poster & flyer template we encourage performers to use, this contains all of the information needed for each venue for your print.

2018 Free Festival Logo

New Logo - Hi Res JPG image file

New Logo - Hi Res TIF image file
New Logo - Hi Res PNG image file
New Logo - Photo Shop Vector/Layered File - PSD
New Logo Font - Only Letters FREE FESTIVAL

 2018 Venue Logos / Poster & Flyer Templates

     Use the links below to download the Poster & Flyer Templates for your room/venue, these include our venue information and logo in an easy readable and recognisable format ready for your designer to use for your print design. Each ZIP files contain both PSD and PDF version in A3, A5 and A6 size, and also a copy of the new Free Festival Logo.

Filename Size
Bar_50.zip 13.2 MB
Cab_Vol_Cinema_Room.zip 13.2 MB
Cab_Vol_Long_Room.zip 12.9 MB
Cab_Vol_Main_Room.zip 12.8 MB
City_Cafe_Hollywood.zip 12.8 MB
City_Cafe_Las_Vegas.zip 12.8 MB
City_Cafe_Nineties.zip 12.7 MB
Counting_House_Attic.zip 12.8 MB
Counting_House_Ballroom.zip 12.9 MB
Counting_House_Loft.zip 12.8 MB
Counting_House_Lounge.zip 12.9 MB
Cuckoos_Nest.zip 12.5 MB
Dropkick_Murphy.zip 12.7 MB
Espionage_Bunker.zip 12.7 MB
Espionage_Kasbar.zip 12.7 MB
Espionage_Mata_Hari.zip 12.7 MB
Espionage_Pravda.zip 12.7 MB
Finnegans_Wake.zip 12.7 MB
Fireside.zip 12.6 MB
Free_Sisters_Gothic_Room.zip 12.8 MB
Free_Sisters_Maggies_Chamber.zip 13.0 MB
Free_Sisters_Maggies_Front.zip 13.0 MB
Free_Sisters_Wee_Room.zip 12.8 MB
Hanover_Tap.zip 12.7 MB
Harrys_Southside.zip 12.8 MB
Moriartys.zip 12.5 MB
Phoenix.zip 12.5 MB
The_Mockingbird.zip 12.8 MB
The_Newsroom.zip 12.5 MB
The_Pear_Tree.zip 12.6 MB
The_Place.zip 12.5 MB
Ushers.zip 12.6 MB


    2018 Venue Map

Use the official Free Festival Map for 2018



2018 Map (JPG) - for websites

2018 Map (PNG) - Hi Res for web/design/print

2018 Map (TIF) - for posters/flyers


LHnewLogo1smm.jpg (4951 bytes)

Laughing Horse Downloads
Laughing Horse graphical / Round Logo
'Laughing Horse' Text
Laughing Horse TrueType Font

fringeogsml.jpg (2595 bytes)

Fringe Downloads

Fringe logo - Red

Fringe Logo - Orange


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